6 Best Kept Chinese Beauty Secrets That You Can Follow

Chinese women are popular for their kept natural beauty products. They choose to use the authentic beauty product rather than the chemical beauty product. As a result, Chinese women are popular for having the glowing and moist skin. To get their amazing beauty, you can try to follow top "Chinese beauty secrets" below.

Green Bean

One of the most popular secret from 6 best kept Chinese beauty secrets that you can follow too is green bean. Most Chinese women like to use this green bean as their home made face masker. They believe that green bean can cure the face skin problems like acnes and inflammation. They used to apply green bean masker to their faces and take it for 15 minutes. 

As an addition, they also insert yogurt to make this masker even better. Green bean contains high anti-oxidant substance which can help women to get glowing skin. Green bean also contains vitamins which can make your skin healthier.  

Rice water

Chinese women also use rice water as a toner for their faces. Just like Japanese women, Chinese women believe that rice water can make their faces more moisture. Rice water can also improve the elasticity of your face. 

To use rice water, you can wash your face with the rice water every day to get the best result. Chinese ancestor also believed that rice can give many nutrients to their skin and make their skin whiter. 
Best Kept Chinese Beauty Secrets That You Can Follow

Olive oil

Olive oil is the next natural beauty product that has been widely used by most Chinese women. They use the olive oil as a cleanser product to their faces. 

They strongly believe that olive oil can help them to reduce the black spots in their faces. As an alternative, you can also use coconut oil or almond oil to clean your face.


Chinese women also like to consume tea to maintain their great body shape and beautiful face, just like Japanese women. They prefer traditional Chinese tea called oolong tea as their natural beauty product. Green tea and white tea are used as well. 

Chinese women believe that tea can help them to maintain their weight, so they can maintain their amazing body shape. Tea is also used as a face cleanser. By applying tea routinely, you can get the glowing and healthy face skin. The anti-oxidant contained in green tea can delay the early aging and the infection in your skin caused by acnes.

Chinese Beauty Secrets

As we’ve already known that Chinese herbs are one of the most popular medicine in the world today. So it’s like a mandatory thing to add herbs to these 6 best kept Chinese beauty secrets that you can follow too list. One of the most popular Chinese herbs for beauty is adaptogens. 

This is actually the type of mushroom. This mushroom can keep your skin young and avoid you from the wrinkles in your face. 

Pearl powder

This is the next authentic Chinese beauty secret that you can follow. Pearl powder is the great amino acid source that can be used to make your skin younger. It will also maintain the elasticity of your skin. Besides, pearl powder will prevent you from skin inflammation and irritation.  

These Chinese beauty secrets can be easily done by you at your home. They use the very natural goods which can be found in the common market. If you want to get the white and smooth skin like Chinese women, you can try to follow their beauty tips.