Clear Skin for Valentine’s Day

First of all, if you find a way to eliminate a blemish within 24 hours for a special event, please let me know. In fact, let the world know because you’ll soon be a millionaire. 

This blog isn’t about a miracle cure for Valentine’s Day. Believe me, I wish I had one. There are a few things you can try to diminish the inflammation of a blemish, but I will focus mainly on the makeup that will create the illusion of flawless skin.

Toothpaste for redness reduction: 

I’ve tried this. It has absolutely no impact on my blemish’s size or redness. I’m not sure just who has had luck with this, but I’d love to hear your feedback!


Applying ice a few hours prior to applying your makeup will help for traditional pimples. The redness will not go away completely; however, the bump itself will be more manageable when it comes time to cover. 

I’d be curious to see what something like commercial IcyHot ointment would do, but I admit that I’m a little scared to try it.

Clear Skin for Valentine’s Day

Hydrocortisone Cream: 

I never saw much improvement with these creams. If you were able to get it in a more concentrated form, then maybe results would be better. I know dermatologists will inject cortisone into pimples in a clinical setting. I don’t think the topical is as reliable.

Believe it or not, aloe is fantastic for eliminating redness of pimples. I use this with a zinc oxide cream ( I like Aveeno brand). 

The theory behind these two products is that you are trying to heal your skin rather than attack the zit. I have had far more success with aloe and zinc oxide than with any other redness reducer. After a few days, your skin will begin to heal.

Why you don’t want to pop your pimples:

Aside from the fact that you can create serious scarring and pock marks, popping pimples make them a heck of a lot more difficult to cover up. 

The oils and platelets that come to the surface when a pimple pops are not conducive to makeup coverage. You will end up with caked-on makeup and a tiny, open spot where a pimple is.

What makeup works for my freakish skin:

I have tried almost every brand of OTC makeup in the pharmacy and in the department store. While I liked the variety of such brands like Clinique, nothing provided good coverage for my oily, blemished skin. 

What I found that works is mineral makeup. Not just any mineral makeup, either. I tried the ones in the local stores. The mineral makeup that I like best is Laura Mercier’s mineral makeup. It took me a while to find this line, but I have been very happy with the results.

What I do to cover a blemish: 

First, I apply the Laura Mercier mineral primer directly to the blemish. This powder is translucent and creates a base for the next step. After using the primer, I select one of two cream concealers. I have one that is slightly lighter than my skin color and one that is white. 

If the area is very red, I apply the white concealer. Healing blemishes get the skin-colored application. I let the concealer sit for a few minutes before finishing the coverage process. 

The final step for blemish coverage is dabbing on the Laura Mercier Real Sand powder. This is the color of my skin and will pull all the other layers together. I do not apply any of this with a makeup brush. I have found that using my finger is much more effective for blemish coverage. 

The final step is to pull the face together by applying a setting powder to the entire surface. (A setting powder is translucent as well).

If you haven’t matched your skin tone to your makeup, you need to use the mineral foundation on the entire face. Because too much makeup makes my skin shine, I like being able to just cover up a pimple and not worry about the rest of my skin.

How to avoid having blemishes to cover:

I really highly recommend the oil cleansing method for skin clarity. If Valentine’s day happens to your monthly cycle and hormonal acne is a concern, there are some supplements that can be used to help lessen the imbalance of hormones. 

I have used Black Cohosh capsules and Evening Primrose Oil capsules. The primrose oil was recommended to me by my doctor for hormone-related, painful side effects from surgery. 

Since using it, I have remained relatively pain-free. I can’t tell you how effective the Cohosh capsules were. I used them in conjunction with the primrose and eventually gave up on taking them because the primrose oil was more than effective.