Foods That Cause Acne

When it comes to foods that cause acne, teens are not the only ones that suffer as these problems can occur in any age group. From the youngest teens to middle aged adults, acne does not discriminate. While some adults have limited concerns or issues, other adults can be plagued with acne most of their lives. 

Many acne sufferers may find that it is possible to get rid of acne problems. However, before they can eliminate their problems, they will have to identify the actual source. 

The medical community has identified many reasons for these unsightly pimples showing up on different parts of the face and body. Some of the most commonly known reasons include hormones, vitamin deficiency, hereditary, stress and certain foods that cause acne. 

If the person is having problems because it runs in their family, they may have to let it run its course. For instance, some family members may have bad acne problems during their teen years. However, after members of the family become adults, their problems can subside. 

Which means, these people can try to prevent them but they may have to let it run its own natural course. On the other hand, if the person has acne caused by food that are eating, this is something that they can control. Listed below are some of the most commonly known foods that cause acne.

Refined carbohydrates and Acne

When an individual has acne, they should watch their carbohydrate intake, particularly the refined carbohydrates. For some people, this can be one of the main culprits. 

Refined carbohydrates can be described as the grains and sugars that cause blood sugar problems (enter the individual’s blood stream too quickly and spikes up their blood sugar levels). These are the foods that have limited nutrients in them because of the refining process (excludes whole grains).
Fatty Foods and Acne

Though ‘fatty’ meals can be tempting, fatty foods that cause acne should always be eaten in moderation. Extra fat causes blood sugar levels to swing too much, since the affect is rising too high and then dropping too low. It can be described as a surging hormonal reaction that leads to blocked pores.

Dairy products and Acne

When an individual has acne, dairy products may be some of the worst foods that an individual can eat. Unfortunately, this means the person may have to avoid eating ice-cream (ouch), cheeses and other dairy products that have high fat content in them. 

Although most people may think milk should not be harmful to the skin, this is not the case when the individual is consuming milk from pregnant cows. 

One of the main reasons why this milk is not recommended is due to the hormones. These hormones will indirectly increase the production of sebum, which is a substance that leads to an increase in acne.

The consumption of milk can also produce other conditions including allergic reactions. In these situations, the individual may have a problem with their immune system. 

When the immune system is adversely impacted oxidation stress and more inflammation can occur and then it can also lead to additional acne problems.

Caffeine and Acne

Tea, coffee, chocolate, energy drinks, sodas and even some painkillers contain various levels of caffeine. Therefore, for those who want to get rid of their acne problems, they may have to totally eliminate these products from their diets. 

Everyone knows that caffeine is also an addictive source, which means controlling the amounts may be difficult to do. If the person would like for their face to be totally clear, they may have to give up all of their caffeine.

It is also important for the acne sufferer to know that caffeine is responsible for causing two big problems. 

The first of the two is triggering glands that increase stress hormones and the second is preventing the person from getting the proper rest. Getting the proper rest is essential because the body complete is detox process when the person is sleep.

Processed Foods and Acne

Processed foods are high on the list of many health conditions and this includes acne. In fact, any foods that come from the factory are normally bad for an individual’s skin. 

These foods are almost impossible to digest because they are highly refined. In many cases, acne is the end result because of allergic reactions and inflammation – these foods that cause acne, should be avoided where possible.