10 The Most Frightening Ghost In The World

If we talk about a ghost, we talk about something frightening. It is a supernatural creature. It cannot be seen by human’s eyes directly. Almost people in the world feel frightened when talking about a ghost. 

Nonetheless, the ghost has a cultural side in this world. It means that the character of the ghost is different among the countries. The ghost from Indonesia, of course, is different from the ghost from America. People from Indonesia may not feel frightened when talking about American’s ghost so do they. 

However, the followings are 10 the most frightening ghost in the world. In other words, they are very famous ghosts that are known by almost people in this world. Those ghosts are taken from some countries in this world. 

La Llorona Ghost from Mexico

This ghost is very famous in Mexico. This ghost is related the girl named Maria. She rambled in this world because her soul was rejected in the heaven. She rambled and cried in this world. She looks for the children in the night. The word 'La Llorana' means a crying woman. There are some versions of the story of La Llorona. 

10 The Most Frightening Ghost In The World

Basically it tells about the beautiful women named Maria who killed children by drowning them because her love was rejected by a man she loved so much. That man was a father from children she had killed and drowned. After rejected by that man, Maria commits suicide. 

In the gate of heaven, she was asked, 'where is your children?'. She answered, 'I do not know, my lord'. Then, she was rejected in the heaven and she rambled and cried in this world. That is why La Llorona is one of 10 the most frightening ghost in the world. 

Leak from Bali, Indonesia

As qoueted from page frightening ghost in the world. Almost Indonesia people, especially in Bali know this ghost well. Leak can be identified as the evil behavior. It is very frightening ghost. Leak is the ghost in form of a head with organs which still hangs in the head. 

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Leak can fly, and it looks for the pregnant woman. Then, this ghost sucks the blood of the baby in the womb. Moreover, Leak also can become a pig or fireball. Some people said that Leak is found only in Bali and it cannot be found in other places. 

Bloody Mary from USA

This Ghost is very famous in America. Bloody Mary can visit the people who called. Do you want to call Bloody Mary? It is easy. You just need to come into your bathroom at midnight. Make sure that there is a mirror inside the bathroom. Then, switch off the light, and turn on the tap. 

After that, you call three times 'Blood Mary' while you close your eyes. If Blood Mary does not show up, you spin three times. Then, Blood Mary is in front of you. Do not do this challenge if you feel doubt. Make sure you are brave to do this challenge.

Zashiki Warashi from Japan

Japanese believe that Zashiki Warashi is the ghost in form of children. This ghost can make or give wealthy for the house the ghost live in while Zashiki Warashi also can bother that house. 

Cheonyeo Gwishin from South Korea

The people there believe the existence of this ghost. Cheonyeo Gwishin is described as a ghost in form of the young and beautiful girl. She could not go to heaven because she do not finish her task yet as a women such as serving her father, husband, and children. 

People in Korea believe that if a girl dies and she do not marry yet, this girl will become Cheonyeo Gwishin. People there believe that in order to make Cheonyeo Gwishin perfect, this ghost should marry with the ghost of unmarried man.

Baba Yaga

Baba Yaga is from Eastern Europe. This ghost can fly. Then, it kidnap and kill the children. The name of Baba Yaga consists of two words: Baba which means old women, and Yaga which means Lazy. 

People in Eastern Europe sometimes use this ghost to frighten their children. If they are lazy to learn, for example, the parent said to the children that Baba Yaga will bring you because this ghost looks for the lazy student. 

Teror Aswang

This ghost is from Philippine.  Teror Aswang is described as the scary women. They will be normal in the day and turn into the winged animal in the night. This ghost usually clapped the wings. 

Teror Aswang looks for the children. Philippines think that it is very dangerous to hear the sound of the wing which claps in the night. If they hear such voice, they think that Teror Aswing will come up.


Kuntilakan is very famous in Indonesia. All Indonesia people know this ghost well. Kuntilanak is described as a ghost of women who dies when she is bearing her child. Moreover, this ghost is described in form of women who wear white and long dress, and she has long black hair. 

She also has special voice when she laughs. From her laugh, we will feel frightened. This ghost is one of 10 the most frightening ghost in the world. Kuntilanak is famous not only in Indonesia but also in Malaysia. 


Lamia is a ghost from Egypt. She was a daughter of a king of Egypt. She has a tail of snake in her body. Her hobby is drinking the blood especially the blood of men. Firstly, Lamia teases the man. If the man can be teased; then, she tries to catch her neck and such his blood. 

Kuchisake Onna

Kuchisake Onna is the ghost from Japan. This ghost is described as a beautiful woman. She is a wife of samurai. She died because she was killed by her husband. Her mouth was slashed by the sword until her ear. 

frightening ghost in the world

This ghost looks for the children in the street by using the mask in her face, so it is difficult to identify. If you meet her, she will ask whether she is beautiful or not. If your answer is yes, she will open her ask, and ask once more whether she is beautiful or not. 

If your answer is not, you will b killed. What have been explained above is 10 the most frightening ghost in the world. You can believe or not.