8 Korean Beauty Secrets You Should Follow

Korean women are popular for their glowing skin. Their faces are also clean and clear. Many people out there who ask how they can maintain their beauty. Many people think that most Korean women use many chemical beauty products or take plastic surgery so that they have the beautiful face. 

But actually, Korean women have their own secrets to have the glowing skin and beautiful face. To get the secret of Korean beauty, you need to follow these points below. 

Healthy food

The key to get the healthy skin is by consuming the healthy foods. Korean women believe that the proper amount of mineral water can keep their skin healthy and beautiful. To start the day, most of Korean women drink a cup of mineral water and wash their faces with the cold water in the morning. 

Besides, they also consume fruits and vegetables since they contain very low sodium level. These foods can keep their face and skin glowing. This can be the easiest way from 8 Korean beauty secrets you should definitely know.

Korean Beauty Secrets
Cleanser, Toner and Moisturizer

Korean women actually use the very minimum beauty products to their faces. To clean their faces, some of them choose to use the natural beauty cleanser like coconut oil, almond oil and other natural cleansing oil. 

This cleansing process can be done in just 4 minutes. Then, they use the foaming cleanser for about 2 minutes and then they wash their faces. 

After that, they usually use the warm water first and then cold water to wash their faces. They just use the simple way to apply toner to their faces by giving the gentle pressure to their faces.For moisturizer, they also choose the natural product or product with the less chemical substances.

Face Mask

They also like to use face mask to keep their face skin glowing. They choose the natural authentic Korean face mask which is called ‘baek gag ju’. 

This face mask is made from the cocoon silkworm. This face mask is believed to whiten your face. Another popular Korean facemask is the homemade face mask from egg and honey. This mixed face mask is one of the most used traditional face mask in Korea. 

Neck treatment

Korean women also pay attention to their beautiful neck. To keep their neck skin glowing and healthy, they use the special neck cream which are widely sold in Korea. Just like the other beauty products used, Korean women also choose the natural product for the neck cream.

8 Korean Beauty Secrets You Should Follow
Enough Sleep

Enough sleep can be the mandatory thing to do in these 8 Korean beauty secrets you should definitely knowlist. You should sleep for at least 6 to 8 hours a day. The enough sleep is the essential key to get the beautiful skin and glowing face.

Simple and Natural Make-Up

You can see the example of simple make-up from the popular Korean singers and actress. They prefer to use the natural color with the quite thick mascara. They only use the light blush-on and natural-color lipstick. 

As you can see that Korean women choose the do the natural, simple and traditional ways to keep their skin and face healthy. Their beauty secrets are actually not in their great make-up, but in the way the treat their skin and face in very natural ways.