Nail Fungus Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

When there is a yellow or brownish colored spot comes under your nail tips and finally changes the color of the whole nail and also thickens your nails, then it is said to be Nail Fungus.

Nail fungus may occur in the nails of toes or fingers. Nail fungus is the fungal infection comes in one or more than one nails. Sometimes nail fungus stay lifelong if not treated and sometimes it gets cured with time.

Causes of Nail Fungus:
  • Nail fungus is caused due to a special type of fungus called DERMATOPHYTE.
  • Normal yeasts are also responsible for nail fungus.
  • Warmth and moisture leads to quick development of fungus
  • Dark sweating places full of moisture most likely when your toes inside the shoes for a long time gives birth to fungus
  • Less blood circulation in the toes or fingers due to tight elastic containing clothes, socks, gloves, etc. makes your nails harder and tough
  • Getting attacked by  other fungi through the minor cuts on your body or skin surface
Nail Fungus Causes Symptoms and Treatments

Symptoms of Nail Fungus:

People who are not much aware about the health of their nails or little confused about if they are suffering from nail fungus then below given points may help them to get a better idea
  • If your nails are getting harder and tough
  • If your nails change it color permanently to some yellowish or brownish, or whitish color
  • If your nails are crumbling towards down
  • If you find some spots under the tips of the nails in toes or fingers
  • A pain feeling whenever you step in case of toes nails fungus and whenever you work in case of fingers.
Then you need to check it out with doctor as you may be suffering from Nail Fungus
What are the RISK factors lead to Nail Fungus?
  • Blood circulation diminished
  • Exposure to fungi
  • Keeping your toes and fingers in humid and moist environment
  • Wearing socks and shoes for a long time
  • Not cleaning nails
  • Getting a minor nail injury
  • Diabetes
  • Weak immune system
Treatments for Nail Fungus

Common victims:

Mostly men get attacked by nail fungus as they keep their socks and shoes on for along time everyday and less conscious about their nails. Women get nail fungus rarely on some small nail wounds or on fingers.

Treatments for Nail Fungus:
  • Anti-fungal oral medicinal treatment by your prescribed doctor
  • Surgery
  • Anti-fungal lacquered
Prevention from nail fungus:
  • Keep your toes and fingers dry
  • Keep cleaning your nails
  • Keep trimming your nails to avoid any hurt
  • Go through a manicure and pedicure process monthly once or twice