5 Powerful Yoga Asanas for Glowing Skin

Yoga is an exercise that combine the physical and emotional matter in its movement. Yoga movements, also called yoga asanas, has been proven to help making your skin glowing and healthy. To get the glowing skin, you can try these yoga asanas below.   


Pranayam can be said as the most basic and popular yoga pose than the other pose in these 5 powerful yoga asanas for glowing skin list. Pranayam pose is basically intended to make you have a good and proper way of breathing. 

Powerful Yoga Asanas for Glowing Skin
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And as we’ve already known that the right breathing is the first way to get such healthy and glowing skin. It’s believed if you do this yoga pose for 15 minutes every day, you can maintain your healthy skin. This pose also can reduce the wrinkles in your face skin. 


Tadasana or mountain is also one of the most popular yoga asana. This kind of pose is still classified as the breathing related yoga pose, just like the pranayam pose. 

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In this pose, you’ll exercise on how to focus on the deep and rhythmic breathing. This way of breathing is the important key to get the healthy skin. By taking this pose routinely, I also believe that you will get the glowing skin


This pose is popular with the name of shoulder stand pose. Sarvangasana is also well-known as the queen of yoga asanas. This pose will improve your blood circulation from your toe to head. This reversing blood circulation will help you skin healthy.
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This will make your skin clear and glow as well. Wrinkle will not be your problem if you keep practicing this pose in your daily routine. If you think that this pose is quite hard to do, you can use Matsyasana pose as an alternative pose. 

Matsayana or fishing pose is easier to do than the shoulder stand pose. In this pose, your body is not entirely inverted, like the other yoga asanas. This kind of pose will help to improve your blood circulation. This good blood circulation will refresh your skin for sure.


This yoga asanas is also popular for making your skin glow. By bringing your head toward the floor, it will enhance the blood that flows to your face. More blood to flow to your face can deliver more oxygen and other beneficial nutrients that can be used to solve the inflammation problem in your face skin. 

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This process can also erase the bad radicals in your skin that can probably cause aging. You don’t need to reach your toes to get these benefits. You just need to relax yourself, close your eyes and breathe peacefully. If you do this pose right, you can definitely get the glowing skin.

Bharadvaja’s Twist

This can also be your simple choice of yoga asanas to make your skin glow. This kind of pose can improve your digestive system. If you have such a healthy digestion, the excretion of toxic out of your skin will be easier. 

Powerful Yoga Asanas
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The other yoga poses to complete these 5 powerful yoga asanas for glowing skin are Utkatasana and Shirshasana. These two poses are relatively harder to do than the above mentioned poses. 

To get the great skin, you just need to keep practicing these yoga asanas in the right way. And the most important part is you need to relax and enjoy every yoga pose that you do so that you’ll get the most benefit from its pose.