Product Lines You Might Not be Familiar With

I have used innumerable items in my quest for clear skin. Some of these products were homemade, some were from the store, and some were ordered from places I had never heard of. 

As an average citizen, I have limited access to the high-fashion world of cosmetics and facial care products. I have, however, found some real gems during my long journey.

Bindi Ayurveda Skin Care:

I loved the Bindi line, but I was trying to use it in my teenage years before I knew that most of my complexion issues were a result of internal issues. 

That being said, I still saw nice results from the product line but could not afford to keep up with it as a 12 year old with no significant income. (My parents didn’t give me an allowance, Chores were just a part of life) 

Bindi combines the timeless beauty of women from India and the spiritual beliefs of that culture. The products are all-natural and could be eaten if you were trapped in your car for a week.

Epicuren Discovery Skin Care:

I don’t recall exactly where I found this website, but I remember it was a celebrity interview that turned me to the line. I really enjoyed the cleansers of the Epicuren line, but I was not well-versed in the science of moisture when I tried them, and I gave up because they dried out my skin. 

I did notice a wonderful enhancement of 'glow' (not shine) when I used these products. My skin was almost iridescent, in a good way.

Rodan and Fields Soothe:

Few people know that Rodan and Fields, the creators of Proactiv, are still making lines of facial products. They may have sold off the Proactiv name, but they have some really great alternatives. I have tried the Soothe line, the Unblemish line, and the Reverse line. 

I loved the reverse line, but it was not geared toward preventing breakouts. I then moved to Unblemish but needed something more sensitive. 

The Soothe line was nice, but I’m anal in the fact that I want my skin to feel clean after I’m done with a facial routine. I really dislike 'gentle' cleansers that feel like they leave a film on your face. I would still use the Soothe cream, but the prices are not starving-writer friendly.


This is a more common line and is carried in Macy’s and Sephora stores. It is expensive, but it can be worth it if your main issue is dry skin. Shiseido has a line geared toward enhancing the moisture level of the skin. I used it as long as I could afford to.

Acne Ease Tablets:

This one is going to look a little “Home Shopping Network” when you visit the site, but it’s worth a gander. I really liked this product, but again, it was not inexpensive. Acne Ease claims to be 100% natural. 

When I used it, which was probably ten years ago, I recall my face getting worse initially. I contacted the company and they told me it was from toxins being forced from my skin. Regardless of whether that statement was accurate or not, I stuck with the tablets and did see my skin clear up substantially. 

And this was when I was still having cystic acne  issues. Acne Ease says you can taper your dose to almost nothing once it has been effective. I did this and ended up weaning myself off altogether. 

By the time my acne came back weeks later, I was already on to a new product. This is not regulated by the FDA, so buyer beware.

I know you’re thinking that you would spend any amount of money to keep your skin clear, and I used to feel the same way. The difference between me of today and me of 16 years ago is that I feel confident in who I am now, and I know I am not defined by my skin. 

It certainly helps that I have found natural ways to take care of my blemish issues, but even when I break out–which I still do–I know that life will go on and I will live to fight another day.