Tea Tree Oil for Acne Treatment, Facts!

Tea tree oil for acne treatment is a well known natural topical treatment for acne.  Tea tree oil is pale yellow in color with a fragrance of camphor. It has proven to be a very strong anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent. However, question arises as to whether this should be used for topical treatment of acne. Before we dig into this, let us know what tea tree oil is and its uses.

Tea tree oil is produced from the leaves of Australian Melaleuca alternifolia tree, which is native to the northeast coast of New South Wales in Australia. 

It is known for its powerful antifungal, antiseptic, antibacterial, and antiviral qualities.  Tea tree oil has been used for conditions such as body odor, cold sores, athletes foot, bad breath, and has been used topically for acne treatment. 

Tea tree oil should not be confused for tea oil. Tea tree oil is toxic when taken orally. It is often used in a diluted form as there might be reactions with pure tea tree oil, but can cause symptoms of irritation in some people even after dilution.

Tea tree oil is known to be effective in killing acne-causing bacteria when applied topically, so it is often used as a replacement to benzoyl peroxide in many acne treatments.

Tea Tree Oil for Acne Treatment

Tea Tree Oil for Acne Treatment – Does it Work?

Tea tree oil can decrease the symptoms of skin inflamed with acne bacteria as an antibacterial agent. Just like other topical acne treatments, it cannot fully cure the acne. 

The only way to get rid of acne is applying topical treatment with treatment to cure it internally. Tea tree oil treatment might aid in killing acne-causing bacteria, but may not fully cure your acne.
Tea Tree Oil for Acne Treatment – How to Use?

The treatment might not suit many people, but advice is to start initially with a very mild dose over a small part of your skin. In case there is aggravation of symptoms by this, you could either opt for a lower dose or opt for a different acne treatment altogether.

Only a drop or two of dilute tea tree oil can be mixed with pure aloe vera gel and applied over the skin. If there is aggravation of symptoms or no improvement, you can discontinue the treatment. I feel this information should have cleared any doubts in your mind about Tea tree oil for acne treatment.