13 Things Men Need to Know About Pregnant Women

Pregnancy can give you such a wonderful feeling. Both women and men will get such a happiness if they know that they will have future child. This period can be the most memorable moment for both women and her husband. 

There will be many new and exciting experiences in this period. For some couples, this period can be challenging and hard to pass. For men, you really need to read this article about top tips in handing pregnant wife below.

Women shouldn’t eat much

It’s said that women will take meal with two times portion that their normal portion. Much eat means that their baby will be healthier. Actually, women just need addition 300 calories per day when they’re pregnant. 

This amount equals to 1 portion yogurt or 1 slice of bread. Women just need to increase their weight about 25 pound in pregnancy period. This is the important matter that should be included in 13 things men need to know about pregnant women list.

Things Men Need to Know About Pregnant Women
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Big feet size

You also need to remember that your wife’s feet size can be bigger during her pregnancy. However, her feet size will be back to normal size after she gives birth.

Pregnancy can make women’s nose works better

It’s true that women can smell better when they’re pregnant. Some researchers say that it’s gift for those women so that they can avoid the food which can danger their upcoming baby.

Birth Day

This is also important thing to be inserted in this article. The birth day of pregnancy is counted from last day women get menstruated. 

Morning Sickness

It’s also important for father to consider this symptom. About 70% pregnant women will face morning sickness, which makes them feel nauseous and vomit. This happens because women will release more estrogen hormone than the normal days.

Heart beat

You also need to know this fact. Women will have the higher heart beat rate if they’re pregnant. This is caused by the increased volume of blood in their body up to 50%.
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Pregnancy can take time more than 1 year

Common pregnancy will take about 9 months. However, there’s a pregnancy that can take 375 days. The baby can birth safely and normally with the proper weight just like other normal babies.

Drink Young coconut water can’t make your child has white skin

It’s mandatory to insert this point to 13 things men need to know about pregnant women list. This water is said can make your children in your womb have white skin. In fact, the skin color of human is determined by pigment. This pigment is determined by the specific human genes. So, your children’s skin color will be based on your unique gen. 

Consume certain food won’t make the birth process easier

Drinking young coconut water or consuming spicy foods are also said can make your birth process much easier. The fact is there’re many factors that influence your birth process. Until now, there’s no proof and research that show that these foods can improve your birth process.

Twin Babies

There’re actually only 3% women that can have twin babies. So, if you want to get the twin babies, you should consult to your doctor routinely. 

Couvade syndrome

This is the syndrome faced by husband who will experience some pregnancy signs, like increased body weight, morning sickness and other pregnancy symptoms.
About Pregnant Women
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Glowing women’s face

Yes, your wife can have more glowing face when she’s pregnant. This is caused by the higher rate of blood flowing to her face.

Baby’s movement in womb

Your baby will start to move in your wife’s womb after the 8th week of pregnancy. These points on 13 things men need to know about pregnant women list should be considered for you, as upcoming father, so you can accompany your wife enjoy her period.