Today It’s All About Skin Perception

Perception of self is what will drive your quest for clear skin, and it is a very important topic I’m going to touch on today.

Some of you know my professional background is as a freelance author. I have my first novel slated for debut sometime this summer, and it’s that aspect of my life which has led me to this important post. 

I just left the blog of my publisher, Divertir Publishing, my mind muddled with angry thoughts about certain aspects of the writing world.  

In the blog, a conversation with another writing professional is cited, and when I clicked on the link, it took me back to the time when Diverter was just starting out. 

In that conversation, it was made clear some felt the idea to start a publishing company was a foolish one, and that such a new start up would be doomed from the get-go. 

Today Its All About Skin Perception
This is a lesson in perception. The naysayer’s reality made her feel no one without X amount of writing experience had any business opening up a publishing house. Instead of encouragement, she only offered reasons why Diverter should throw in the towel before ever beginning.

When it comes to skin care, our perception (our reality) plays a vital role in how we treat our bodies. If you view yourself in a negative light or defeat yourself before you’ve begun the battle, then no number of tricks or tips will ever be able to ease your suffering.

I’m a good example of this. As a teenager, I was horrified with my skin. I had acne, though not as bad as some kids, and it consumed my every-thought. When I got older, and circumstances allowed my skin to clear, I hated the wrinkles under my eyes. They consumed my every-thought.

When the acne came back, those wrinkles might as well have not existed. Do you see my point? My perception of self-was negative. While my goal may have been the perfection seen in movies and in magazines, I would never achieve it because I was my own worst enemy.

All About Skin Perception

Thinking you’re not good enough or undeserving will further eliminate the ability to see positive things about yourself and your skin.

My advice for this hurdle: Pick one thing about yourself you like and focus on that for a week. If it’s your hair, go out and buy yourself some expensive shampoo. Baby your hair; treat it to a week of pampering. Go out with the most stylish looks and the best accessories. 

The more compliments you get on something you like about yourself, the more your confidence will grow. You’ll start to realize not everyone is looking at your acne or your eye wrinkles.