6 Types of Acne, Learn to Recognize!

There are several types of acne. They may occur in many types but we can classified them in 6 types. Lesions, black and white dots which occur on the type or any other part of the body. 

Third type of acne is papules, a roman term which is also a type of lesion, fourth is pustule, which generally young teens are suffer from, fifth is seams on body, which generally occur after the acne diseases. And the last types of acne is cyst. You may think cyst is only about cancer, it’s wrong cyst is also a types of acne.

1. Lesions

Lesion is the name of the physically change of body gems’ after an illness or a severe type of accident. Lesions generally also means a type of disorder at the body’s fat production, which may cause several illness at the body. 

So the term of lesion is so wide but now we mention about the lesions abot acne, so as we mentioned above they are disorders or changes at the sturcture which occur after an illness.

Types of Acne

2. Black And White Dots

They are not the dot on a notebook or on a blackboard. You can erase the dot on notebook or a blackboard with an eraser, but how can you erase the dots on your face or any other part of your body? 

Black and white dots are occur after the blocked fat tissues. They generally occured after an excessive fat production of body. Generally they are harmless but sometimes, some types of black and white dots may cause severe skin problems. 

We strictly advise you not to touch your black and white dots too much. If your black and white dots disturb you too much, you should go and see a doctor soon. They are expert on acnes and dots so they can solve your problem.

3. Papules

Papules is a type of acne, too. The term papules is a roman term which is also a type of lesion. The lesions may occur on the skin, their altitude are about 5 cm’s.

But their lenght may change, even some of them are invisible. But even if when you touch the part of body, where the papule is placed, you can feel there is a papule, with a rough feeling.

4. Pustule

Pustule is type of acne, which generally young teens are sad about it. Generally they experience pustule type acne. √Ět is the most commonly seen acne type.  They occur after the human body’s fat reactions. 

Generally they are harmless and in time, they disapeear. Most parts of pustules are disappear from human skin but some parts stay with it. So in that case you should pay a visit to your doctor.

5. Seams on Body

The remainder of the acnes which occurs after the illness. They are generally flat and their colours are generally red. Most part of seams on the body disappear soon or late.

6. Cysts

Inside of them, white blood gems, dead gems bacterias. In fact they are not directly the type of acne, they are the cause of acne. But they are generally classifed as type of acne.