Vitamins and Aging (Reality, Longevity)

It cannot be argued that a healthy diet rich in vitamins and minerals can help us to feel better, but did you realize it could also make you look better? Rather than spend hundreds of dollars on creams and lotions to improve the look of your skin, simply increase the amount of nutrients you ingest each day. 

The process of aging is a natural event that happens to us all, but why age prematurely when you can do something to halt the effects of the aging process. 

As a person ages, their ability to process nutrients diminishes and the addition of supplements becomes necessary. 

It is, however not required to wait until you reach 50 to start taking vitamin and mineral supplements. The benefit of a diet rich in key nutrients and a daily nutritional supplement can go a long way in decreasing the harmful effects of pollution, stress, and lack of sleep.

Vitamins and Aging
Vitamin C is one vitamin that should be increased in your daily diet as it boosts your immunity from infectious illness and works as a detoxification agent for your body. 

Vitamin E is important in the protection of cell membranes and the deactivation of free radicals, which makes them far less damaging. 

When combined with Vitamin C, Vitamin E can help reduce the damaging effects of UV light and helps your body in healing wounds faster. 

Vitamins C and E are considered the most important antioxidant vitamins as they can actually repair the damage caused by free radicals and can work to prevent them from becoming cancerous.

Vitamin D is important to reduce your risk of osteoporosis, and B vitamins cannot be forgotten as they are very beneficial to the body and can help thwart the signs of aging. Folic acid, and vitamins B6 and B12 work to reduce your risk of memory loss and heart disease.

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Many multi-vitamin supplements are available at your local pharmacy or health supply stores that are designed for battling the effects of aging.

Combined with a healthy diet that includes natural sources of vitamins and minerals will enhance the benefits of the supplements as will cutting out alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine. In addition, increasing the amount of sleep that you get will allow your body to repair cell damage while your rest. 

If you have trouble sleeping, selenium is a mineral supplement that has helped many people to fall asleep and comes with the added benefit of protection from skin cancer.