How to Whiten Teeth at Home Using Simple Remedies

People always love receiving beautiful smiles from others around them but do not forget to smile back because that is the right and polite thing to do. However, what if you are not satisfied with the shades of your teeth so you refuse to smile?

Hey, do not be like that because people will assume that you are either a really unfriendly person or mad at everybody around you. But don’t you worry, as long as you follow these tips on how to whiten teeth at home, you would then get a lovely smile because now you have a set of beautiful white teeth.
Simple at-home Remedy 

Some people prefer to try at-home remedies for a professional whitening service because at-home remedies usually are much cheaper than the professional one. Sure, the results might not be as satisfying as if you do it professionally and it could take some time too to get the results we want. 

However, at least, through at-home remedy you would not need to spend a lot more money on whitening service that you surely could do it yourself. And the key to getting better results through at-home remedies is patience. When you do the remedies regularly, the shades of your teeth would change gradually.

Whitening Strips and Whitening Gel or Toothpaste 

Among other at-home remedies, using whitening strips and whitening gel or toothpaste are probably some of the simplest you could try. If you want to try using whitening strips, firstly, you should find the appropriate product. 

You should check first if that product is approved by ADA or not (if it is made in America). And you have to be sure that those whitening strips do not contain chlorine dioxide as it would ruin your enamel. Find the best product at drugstores or supermarkets.

whiten teeth at home
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Then if you want to use it immediately, make sure that you have brushed your teeth thoroughly before using white strips. And it would be better if you also floss your teeth after brushing them. The next step is to read the instructions on the package carefully. 

After that, you could take out a piece and apply it firmly to your upper teeth first. You should leave it there for the right amount of time (in the instructions). Then you could do the same thing to your lower teeth and rinse your mouth.

The next other simple at-home remedy is to use whitening gel or toothpaste. You could either apply the gel or toothpaste using teeth whitening trays or go with the conventional way by brushing the gel or toothpaste onto your teeth for two minutes. 

After that, you could spit out the remaining substance and rinse your mouth until you feel it clear from gel or toothpaste.

If you use gel, you should use it at least twice a day for better result. But if you choose using whitening toothpaste, three times a day is better. Just use it every time you feel like brushing your teeth. And always purchase ADA-approved products.