Why Acnes Occurs and Foods Which Cause Acne

The term of acne is refers to use the most frequent skin problem. At the age of 18, acne is the most widely seen. During that age time, acne is one of the important problems for teens. But our suggestion for teens is: please don’t take it too serious and try no to think about it too much. Because one day you’ll get rid of this.

There are too many reasons for why we have acnes on our skin, but we can make a list for general reasons why we have acnes :
  • The excessive organic fat secretion
  • Blockage at pilosabase canal
  • The bacteria of acnes and also acnes enfection
  • Secretion of some chemical things
About ninety percent of chemicals are related to this issues. These are all about the body itself, so you can think one day you’ll get rid of at the end. But using some chemicals which have nutritious chemicals and side effects may makes your cure process longer. 

Foods Which Cause Acne

So you should try to take it easy. As we mentioned above, there are some acne types which aren’t types of skin problems. İn these types of acne problems you should pay a visit to your doctors. Otherwise if you use the chemicals which you dont know about it you may have some skin problems. 

And you shouldn’t use the chemicals which your doctor tell have side effects. Otherwise you may have some other types skin problems in future. You may have some more serious problems why trying to solve your acne problems. We don’t wanna tell you leave the acne as it be, but not try wrong cure types.

People generally think foods which contains fat causes acne. There is a misunderstand here, the fat which is in body causes acne but eating fatty foods don’t. Contrary to this, the stress which comes from strict diet may cause acnes. 

So we can say foods can’t cause acne but strict diets may. Yes we agree diets, but not strict diets are important for our health. 

But diets have no positive or negative effects on acne cure. Maybe, this is all about your way of think, because your psychology is important for acne. İn fact, not only acne cure but also other types of health cures. 

Nowadays we can see the way of think  "Eating fatty foods cause acne" slowly disappearing. Because science is developing day by day so people can inform that acne’s wont cure with diets. But we mention that, only chocalate, it’s not a food though, have some effect on acne. 

İt’s not very exactly clear, we can’t say chocalates directly affects acne. Though, the scientist who are experts on acne, claim that there are some evidences which show eating chocolate may cause acne. As we said before it’s not very very clear evidences to show direct affects.

Finally we can say that, foods aren’t directly affect acnes. But not forget, the psychology comes from "eating accefts acne" makes your body weaker against acnes.