The Best Advice to Lose Weight That You Can Do at Home

Weight and obesity is a sensitive things to talk about nowaday, but i believe that when it comes to health, nothing is to taboo to talk about. What most people fail to understand is that losing weight is not only because you want to look better so people will be attracted to you. 

Though it s a valid reason but, the biggest reason to lose weight is to be healthy. Yes i know that everyone fat or thin is beautiful but lets face reality here, being overweight is NOT healthy. Being overweight increases your chance of having a lot of health problems like heart problems, diabetes, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, and even osteoarthritis. 

So if you are overweight and dont want to live in perpetual misery, losing weight weight is your should be the first thing in your priority list.

To lose weight it is actually pretty simple but very hard at the same time. It basically boils down to, burning more calories than your daily calories intake. You can do this by working out daily and there are some tips that you can follow to maximize the result. So here is the best advice to lose weight.

 Best Advice to Lose Weight
1. Carbohydrate Is Your Enemy

The first thing in the best advice to lose weight is to cut your carbohydrates intake. Eventhough carbohydrate is like the main element of meal that makes us full, but carbohydrates is the first thing you want to cut out of your diet simply because, it contains a lot of calories. Fo every gram of carbohydrates you consume, there are 4 calories.

2. Fiber Is Your Friend

The next thing in about the best advice to lose weight is to consume more fiber. So why is fiber important in your possibly long journey of losing weight is because it is a hard substance to digest. Fiber itself comes in two types, the soluble one and the insoluble one. 

The soluble is capable of absorbing water while the insoluble will stay undigested in your digestive system. The great thing about fiber is the fact that it slows down the amount of time your body needs to digest food which will result in you feeling full longer which then leads to you eating less.

3. Fruits Are Your New Fries And Chips

The hardest thing to lose weight when you are very overweight is the getting used to eating three times a day as most obese people usually eat more than 3 times a day. This transition is hard because you will feel hungry a lot. 

Best Advice to Lose Weight That You Can Do at Home
However you can solve this issue by changing your unhealthy snacks to a better snacks, like fruits. Compared to fries or chips, fruits contain less calories and far far healthier than those two.

4. Drink Whenever You Feel Hungry

When trying to lose weight, you usually reduce the amount of food you eat in every meals and at first of course a smaller serving will not satisfy an overweight body. 

This is why it is important for you to drink more water, at least 2 litre a day. Drinking water may heal you to temporarily satiate your hunger, but dont worry as time goes your body will get used to smaller serving. That’s the you best advice to lose weight can do at home.