8 Common Mistakes You Do When Showering

Taking a bath, indeed, will make your body fresh and clean. However, do you know that there are 8 common mistakes you do when showering? Just check the information out as follow. 

1. You don't replacing your puff

Many people like to use puff when they are bathing. Besides it can help you to wash the body, puff also will help you get much lather. However, don't you know that not replacing the puff is bad? 

Your puff which is used for a long time without any replacing will be bad since the puff becomes the perfect place for bacteria. Of course, you don't want it happens, do you? That is why it is better for you to replace your puff within 4 months to avoid a bad thing. 

2. You apply face mask after showering

Maybe, for some people, they often apply the face mask during or after showering. This is one of the common mistakes you do when showering, actually. Why? 

It is because applying face masks in the wrong time as mentioned above will make your skin dry. Thus, to get rid of the skin dry before applying face mask, it is better for you to apply the face mask before you get a shower.

mistakes you do when showering
3. You do towel-drying roughly

After showering, you usually tend to do a towel-drying roughly in a fast move. It is actually a big mistake of you. When you do that, you can get your skin dry, so the best thing you have to do is that you do towel-drying gently. 

4. You wash your hair everyday

Washing your hair is important, but if you wash it daily, it becomes a big mistake. Not everyone knows about the mistakes you do when showering. Experts suggest that you can wash your hair twice a week or once a week for you who have curly hair. 

5. You leave soap over your body

The next mistake that you usually do is leaving soap over the body. Usually, you just wipe it with towel only. However, it will be better you wash it with water in order that your skin will not be dry.

Using body wash, indeed, will help you to get much lather, yet do you that too much lather is bad for your skin? It can make you to have a dry skin, actually. Thus, you can minimize the use of the body wash when you are bathing. 

7. You shower for so long

Showering in a long time is actually a bad thing you do. Even though you will feel that your body is cleaner, but you will get a bad effect of it. It is better for you to shower your body in 10 minutes only.

8. You take hot shower

Maybe, taking hot shower is great. In fact, it is not since it can make your skin dry and dry. That is why, you are not allowed to take hot shower too often. If you want to take a hot shower, you can do it once or twice a week only. Now you know your mistakes you do when showering, will you do it again?