Simple Things to Do to Get Rid of Love Handles

Have you ever shopped for dress and finally found the perfect dress after spending hours of visiting five different stores only to found out you cant wear it because of that stupid bulge of fat sticking out on your sides? Yeah, that happened to me. These love handles, tires or whatever you want to call it is nothing but fat, and an annoying one at that. 

So many opportunities to look beautiful are often spoiled by this bulge of fat, and you should know how to get rid of love handles. This is even worse by the fact that the fats are the hardest one to get rid of but you know what they say where there is a will, there is a way. 

Eating healthy is pretty obvious in term of losing weight, but when you put on a bit of hard work and enough determination, you can get rid of love handles in no time especially if you follow these tips.

Simple Things to Do to Get Rid of Love Handles
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1. Working Out is the key

The key to losing weight is basically making sure that you burn more calories than your calories intake. Consuming extra calories will result in your extra calories stored as body fat which then becomes what you call love handles. 

With that in mind, it is clear what you need to do to get rid these mass of fat, workout everyday. You don’t have to go to the gym everyday, just a simple workout at home will do. For example, you can try Hoola Hoop, which is a fun exercise that will help to shape up your abdominal muscles, and basically vanishing that annoying love handles. 

You can get a holla hoop from any sports store, and it is pretty cheap too. Just reserve around half an hour a day for you to exercise using Hoola hoop and put on some music while you’re at it. Do it for a month and you will feel that your love handles are slowly vanishing from your body. 
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2. Unwind and chill out

Another factor of a body weight gain stems from stress. Stress are the roots of a lot of problems, and your weight is also caused by stress. This is because when you are stressed, our body produces this hormone called Cortisol. 

Cortisol job is to help you in replenishing your body when you are dealing with stress. Cortisol basically works by increasing your appetite and as a result drives you to eat more and more. And Love handles are just the result of cortisol telling your body to eat more. 

This is why it is important for you to stick to tour meals schedule and doing fun things to avoid stress. Yoga is recommended to help you unwind and get rid of love handles because it is important to stay calm and peaceful when you are trying to lose some weight.
Get Rid of Love Handles
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3. Eat healthily And Mind Your Portion

Eating healthy when you are trying to lose weight is essential. Not only that you need to eat healthily, but you also need to make sure you don’t eat too much, because if you want to stay fit, you kind of have to mind your meal portion. 

Don’t worry that you are going to starve to death, after a while your body is going to recognize your new meal portion so you will feel full without eating too much. Now you know what to do to get rid of love handles and buy the dress you want without getting afraid of it.