Popular Hollywood Stars with Tattooed Eyebrow

Tattoo has become a trend since years ago. At that time, tattoo is an art as to represent a person's expression. As the tattoo hit today's trend, it is no longer a way of expressing expression. Nowadays, tattoo, for some people is a sign of rebellion. 

Moreover, not every people really into this trend of tattoo, since getting yourself a tattoo means you must have that courage to beat the painful feelings on your body in the process of getting one. However, as a trend, tattoo has expanded its existence to the world of beauty. What does that mean exactly? 

Right! It means that you can modify your blunt, dull eyebrow by drawing a permanent eyebrow tattoo to upgrade your looks. Once you apply the eyebrow tattoo, you can have a fake-like-original eyebrow. Interested enough to put on an eyebrows tattoo? To motivate you more, here are the top 5 Hollywood stars with tattooed eyebrow and still look stunning! Let's check this out!

1. Angelina Jolie

The remarkable Hollywood actress whose also Brad Pitt's spouse, Angelina Jolie, is one of a beauty icons of Hollywood. Besides her professional talent in acting, her beauty is also undeniable. To surprise you, this natural-look of her is not a hundred percent natural. 

Yes! She got her eyebrows tattoo! A permanent eyebrow tattoo looks very natural on her with application of natural make up. It is definitely a great touch up from this beauty.
Hollywood Stars with Tattooed Eyebrow

2. Rihanna

Who knows that the diva also get her eyebrow tattoo? Rihanna is one of the hollywood stars with tattooed eyebrow and it makes her looks more sexy and exotic. As a worldwide singer, this kind of thing of upgrading looks is a must, for makes her feel more confidence and total in all her stage performance. 

3. Coleen Rooney

Even though Coleen Rooney also has an eyebrow tattoo, she can trick it to look as natural as it should. She manage to make the color of her eyebrow tattoo similar to her face's skin tone. 

She also makes her eyebrow tattoo highly pointed to enhance her new looks. Seeing her with a stunning 'fake' eyebrow makes you feel that get an eyebrow tattoo done is never wrong.

Celebrities With Tattooed Eyebrows

The sexy Katie Price surprisingly also applied eyebrow tattoo. Price is actually the trendsetter of eyebrow tattoo trend, since she is the first Hollywood stars with tattooed eyebrow that finally inspire others to do the same thing. 

As a mother of three, Price has taken a right choice of getting a permanent ink of eyebrow tattoo to save the time for doing any make up or drawing to her already stunning eyebrows.

5. Natalie Cassidy

Last but not least, we have Natalie Cassidy. She has that kind of unique beauty and charm. Cassidy used to use a make-up trick for getting her eyebrow done. 

Before getting an eyebrow tattoo, she uses a temporary eyebrow pencil to draw her eyebrow. She finally gets her style by deciding to put eyebrow tattoo that makes her looks more fierce and confident. 

Those are the top 5 Hollywood stars with tattooed eyebrow who can motivate you to get an permanent eyebrow tattoo. However, you need to visit the professional tattoo artist, for getting a tattoo done near eyes area is slightly needs more sensitive and fragile to skin damage.