Tips for Home Remedies to Treat Baby Cold

Babies have low immunity in their age. Sometimes they suffer from cold or probably fever. As the parent, of course we will get worry because of that. To make our baby feel comfort is not an easy thing since it will be hard to understand what actually they one. 

If your baby has cold and you have already go to the doctor to ask the prescription, but the medicine has not work well, it will be okay if you plan some home remedies to treat baby cold. So, you can help your baby to feel more comfortable and get over from their cold.

Yes, you do not have to worry; you can start to do several home remedies to treat baby cold.  First, you can make a soup for your baby. Of course you have to remember about the age of your baby. If your baby is about 7 months old, you can feed your baby with rasam in the day. It can help to reduce the cold and also the fever. 

What is rasam? Rasam is a coup which has tomato and also garlic in it. When you ask about the original of this soup, it is very popular in the South India. People in South India usually give this soup to their babies and children who is growing up. 
Home Remedies to Treat Baby Cold
Next dishes that can be one kind of home remedies to treat baby cold is garlic and ajwain poultice. This is a very great home remedy especially for baby in the age about six months and before. How is to use this kind of remedy? the step to make it as the remedy is very easy. 

You only need to put both of the garlic and ajwain in a cloth then make it warm. After that, you have to apply this remedy in your baby’s chest. You have to check the temperature first before you can apply it gently in your baby’s chest.

Besides using those two kinds of home remedies treat baby cold, you also can use vapour rub for it. When your baby gets cold, it is important to reduce the fever and you have to use several ways for it. 

One of the most popular things that people usually use for their baby is using the vapour rub. In this case, rub your baby’s feet with the vapour rub. 

How much you have to do it for you baby? It would be better for you if you do this about twice in a day toward your baby.

To conclude, several remedies can help you to reduce your baby cold. Something like soup for babies, vapour rub, and also garlic poultice are things that will be very helpful. Each of the remedy is very easy to get and you can make it fast. 

So, your preparation for it will not take too long time. the application of these remedies is also easy. However, you have to make sure that you apply it using the procedure, so that your baby’s fever will be reduced.