Simple Home Remedies to Treat Ear Drainage You Can Do on Your Own

Have you got an ear drainage in which you cannot hear the sound clearly since there is something wrong in your ears. 

Usually, you get this ear drainage when you are swimming or bathing. Then, if you have got this condition, actually there are several home remedies to treat ear drainage. What are those treatments? Find all of it as follow.

1. DIY eardrop

The first remedy which you can make is DIY eardrop. It is a very simple eardrop you can make by yourself. 

The ingredients you must prepare are 1 part white vinegar, 1 part rubbing alcohol, and a sterilized eye dropper. Just mix all the alcohol and the vinegar well before you put it in a sterilized eye dropper. You can use it by dropping 2 two 5 drops to your ear and just wait how it works.

2. Steam treatment

After that, there is another effective way for the home remedies to treat ear drainage that is by doing steam treatment. 

Here, what you should do is that you prepare a towel that is dip in a warm water. Then, you cover your head with the towel in order that the fluid inside your ear will flow out. The thing that you must consider is that when you feel lightheaded with this treatment, just stop it.

Home Remedies to Treat Ear Drainage
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3. Gravity

Yeah, gravity treatment can be a good choice of you if you get ear drainage. The use of the gravity will help you much in curing this condition. What you have to do is that you lay down on a side to make the fluid flow out. 
4. Decongestant

In this case, you maybe can choose an OTC decongestant. How it can work is simple. You just put a few drop of the decongestant in the ears. To get a quick result, you need to lay down on a side.

5. Blow dryer

It is actually an innovative remedy you can try for ear drainage. Just switch the hair dryer and put it one feet away from the ear. Make sure that you have switched it to the lowest setting first. This treatment helps you much since the steam from the hair dryer will force the fluid out.

6. Humidifier

The next thing that you can do when you get the ear drainage is that you use humidifier. How this trick can work is that by using it when you are sleeping. 

This is one of the home remedies to treat ear drainage that will be very good in the winter since the air at this season is dry and it will help the steam from humidifier works well. 

From the explanation above, there are six home remedies to treat ear drainage. All of those remedies actually good for you, and you just choose the best remedy for you or you look at what you have at home. 

By doing the treatment for your ear drainage, indeed, you can get a better condition and you can get a normal ear again. Thus, just try it and see how the home remedies will work.