Home Remedies to Treat Loose Motion You Can Try Before You Tell the Doctor

Have you got stomache after dinner? It can be loose motion. What is it? It is the conditions in which you have got an infection caused by there are toxins eaten. Loose motion, indeed, will be very suffering since it can affect the digestive system of ours. 

Then, before talk more about home remedies to treat loose motion, it is better for you to understand about the causes of loose motion itself.

- Food poisoning

For the first cause is food poisoning. It is one of the common causes since it is very possible for you to eat the food having been contaminated with viruses, parasites, bacterias, and other bad things inside. The result is that your digestive system will get loose motion.

- Overeating

The next cause causing loose motion is overeating. Yeah, it is very bad for you to eat so many foods since you will cause loose motion that indeed will be very suffering. Besides loose motion, overeating also can be bad for your digestive system.

- Lactose intolerance

Do you have any allergy like lactose intolerance? If you do, you can get loose motion when you consume food contains lactose inside. The food like milk can be one of the examples of lactose food.

home remedies to treat loose motion
- Anxiety and stress

After that, you can get loose motion if you are stress or maybe worrying something. The pressure of it can cause the pressure for your body and hormones leading to loose motion. This is also a preventive way and home remedies to treat loose motion.

- Chemotherapy and radiation

For you having been treated by chemotherapy or radiation, one of the effect of it is that you get loose motion. It can happen for some people getting those treatments.

- Malabsorption disorder

For the other cause of loose motion is that malabsorption disorder. In this case, to get rid of malabsorption itself, what you have to do is that you eat food having high nutritions and checking the condition of the food first. 

Treatment Loose Motion
Treatment and Remedy for Loose Motion

Then, since loose motion will be a bad thing for you, you need the home remedies to treat loose motion. Why? 

It is because the untreated loose motion will be a fatal thing. Even though this ill can cure on its own, you still need the remedy in order that your condition cannot be worse.

One of the thing which you can do is that you avoid the spicy, salty, sugary, oily food first if you do not want ro get this loose motion.

For other thing that you can do is that you do ORS or Oral Rehydration Solution that can help us to stop the pain caused by loose motion. How to make this ORS? 

It is a very simple thing actually. What you need ia only water, salt, orange juice, and baking powder or maybe adding the sugar in it. 

Just combine all of those ingredients with the right composition so that you can get a great ORS as one of the home remedies to treat loose motion. By consume this ORS, your condition will be better.