Let’s Get To Know Closer of How to Treat Tinea Versicolor

Do you what tinea versicolor is it? Yeah, it is one of the skin disorder which can make you very disappointed with your appearance since the white dispatch on your skin will be a very bad look. The cause of this skin disorder itself is that the fungal that develops in the warm or humid area. 

This skin disorder mostly affect neck, arm, back and chest. With the bad fact of this skin disorder, some home remedies to treat tinea versicolor can be good for you. 

- Aloe Vera
Vitamin B12 in aloe vera can be very good for the skin since it can help to stop the fungal to be spread. 

- Baking Soda
After that, there is baking soda. You can use baking soda as body scrub, and has a function to prevent the condition of tinea versicolor being bad. 

- Neem
Neem is an antimicrobial plant which indeed will be very good plant that is effective to kill the fungus causing this skin disorder.

home remedies to treat tinea versicolor
- Yogurt
Yogurt has a good function for your tinea versicolor. Why? It is caused by it can control the high development of the fungal in your skin. 

- Tea Tree Oil
Tea tree oil will be the other choices for home remedies to treat "tinea versicolor". Anti-fungal properties in this kind of oil will help you much to get a better condition of the skin having this skin disorder. 

- Apple Cider Vinegar
For the next, apple cider vinegar is good to clean your body. In this case, you can prevent the fungal of tinea versicolor using this remedy. 

- Candle Bush 
After that you also can use candle bush leaves in curing tinea versicolor. Just apply it twice to the infected area, and you will get a better condition.

- Turmeric
Do you know turmeric? It is a good remedy for your tinea versicolor since it is very good to heal the infection including this kind of infection. 

- Garlic
Yeah, this kitchen ingredient can be a good remedy for tinea versicolor. Just apply it on the infected skin and see how great it will work. 

- Listerine
Not only having function as mouth wash, listerine can be used for tinea versicolor remedy. Just apply it on your skin which is infected by the fungal. 

- The Extract of Grapefruit Seed
Grapefruit seed extract has an antibacterial and antiviral properties. That is why it can be good for you to choose it as the home remedies to treat tinea versicolor. 

tinea versicolor
Having a lotion made of patchouli essential oil and coconut oil can be very good for you to cure tinea versicolor. Just apply it frequently, and it is will help you much. 

- Manuka Honey
Honey, it is the most useful food actually. The antibacterial properties in it makes manuka honey can be very good as the horemedy for tinea versicolor. 

- Eucalyptus Oil
If you get tinea versicolor, you can try eucalyptus oil as the remedy. You can use it twice a day before you shower. 

- Virgin Coconut Oil
The last home remedies to treat tinea versicolor is that virgin coconut oil. By massaging it on your skin, your skin disorder can be better.