10 The Most Cruel Miserable and Luxurious Food in the World

Of course, every restaurant wants to serve the luxurious for the guests. By doing so, the guests will be satisfied and the restaurant will be visited by many guests. However, not all luxurious food can be categorized as a appropriate food.

Sometimes the process of making the food is done improperly. In making the food, the process uses the cruel and barbaric ways. For example, the way to kill animals is improper. They slaughter the animals in cruel ways. They do so in order to make it fast. 

Although he animal they slaughter will be used as the food to eat, the way to slaughter should be appropriate and proper. The followings are 10 the most cruel miserable and luxurious food in the world. Those foods can be categorized as an expensive food. People who want to eat the food should have much money.

Moreover, to buy the food, the people should find in certain places and certain restaurants. Of course, these places and restaurants are categorized as high classes.  

The Health Drink of Deer Horn Blood

10 The Most Cruel Miserable and Luxurious Food in the World

This drink is very famous in China. The horn of the deer is sawed. Then, the horn will bleed and fill it into the bottle.

People in China think that this drink, deer horn blood, will give them strength and increase the metabolism of the body. They way to get this kind of drink is very cruel. After its horn is sawed, the deer will die slowly. Actually this traditional medicine is not verified scientifically. 

The Cuisine of a Lamb which is still in the Uterus

It is a cruel and depressing way when people kill the mothers of animal in pregnant condition. Then, they are roasted in the fire.

Then, the chef cuts or splits the womb, and he or she will serve the cuisine of the lamb. People who like this extreme food think that the meat of this lamb is soft and crispy when it is compared with the meat of  'adult' lamb. 

However, it can be said that this food is very cruel and many of the people consider that this food is illegal. Of course, it is because the process done by the chef is inappropriate. This food can be categorizes as 10 the most cruel, miserable, and luxurious food in the world. 

The Soup of Hot Stewed Turtle

A turtle is stewed. Then, it automatically will drink the hot water in the soap which has been seasoned.

The turtle will die slowly in the stew. For the lovers of this kind of food, the process of the death of turtle can be the most delicious dish. However, this process is very cruel because the stewed turtle is alive.
Foie Gras, Liver- grease of Goose

Foie gras is the food from French. This food is very prestigious there. Moreover, it looks luxurious when you see a big liver with the tender texture which is served in the big plate. Do you know the process of cooking that food? 

Do you know how to make the liver bigger and fatter? Firstly the geese are forced to eat even though they are full. They cannot reject because there is a metal pipe that is forced into their throat, and it sprays the food in to their stomach. 

They are also placed in a small place so that it is very difficult for them to move. This treatment is done so that they do not have energy that cannot reduce grease content in their body. 

Odori Don

From its name, we can guess that this food is from Japan. It is one of 10 the most cruel, miserable and, luxurious food in the world. This food is very expensive in Japan. 

When you buy this food, firstly, the chef will take a fresh squid. Then, its head is separated and served in the bowl. After that, the chef will give the sauce and pour the head of the fresh squid. You will see that the squid looks alive again. 

Frog Sashimi 

People in Japan think that the summer is an appropriate time to consume this kind of food. The frog used for this food is very big. All parts of frog will be served. We can imagine that the eyes of the frog are winking. It seems that it asks for mercy. 

The Food of Monkey’s Brain

We say that this food can be categories as one of 10 the mist cruel, miserable, and luxurious food in the world. 

Moreover, it is illegal. The way to serve this monkey’ brain can be in alive or dead. Firstly, the monkey’s head is punched and the brain is taken and eaten directly or it is cooked. It is very cruel, of course. People who consume this brain think that it can be used to strengthen the vitality. 

Chicken 'Wind' in Tibet and China

Firstly the chicken is hung in the pillar in alive. Then, its stomach is punched. All parts inside its stomach are removed and replaced by the spice. Then, the stomach that has been punched is sewed and it is hung again in the hot sun until the afternoon. 

In the night, the people will eat this food. We can say that it is very cruel. The chicken will die slowly and feel pain because all parts in side its stomach is removed.

Dojo Tofu from Japan

Firstly the water is boiled in the pan. Then, the eel is filled into that pan with Tofu. Because the water is very hot, the eel fills into Tofu. Then, the ell will die inside Tofu and there are some small holes in Tofu. 

Shelled Donkey in Alive

Some Cruel Miserable and Luxurious food in the World

The Donkey firstly is shelled. Then, it is poured with the hot boiled water. Of course, the donkey will die slowly in pain.

After that, the chef will give the spice. Then, the people can consume the meat of the donkey. It is very cruel. That is why this food can be categorized as one of 10 the most cruel, miserable, and luxurious food in the word.