Easy and Natural Treatments for Herpes You Can Perform at Home

Herpes is one of many kinds of skin problems that attack human skin. Some people are suffering from this virus and they have to feel uncomfortable because of that. 

Moreover, this kind of skin problem can attack some parts of human body, such as face and also genital area. It might be very uncomfortable for people who suffer from herpes, but there are some natural treatments for herpes for this skin problem. What are those natural treatments?

Specific cure for this skin problem is actually has not founded yet, but some natural treatments for herpes exist and can help people with herpes to get over from their illness. First thing that you can use to help people’s herpes is green tea. 

It has antioxidants that can help you to prevent herpes virus and also cure it. Antiviral properties that we can find in green tea that can help to cure people with herpes. Alkaline food is the next natural treatment for people with herpes. 

By eating food with alkaline based can help you to reduce any acidic environment that make you easy to get infected by herpes. Besides that, it also can make you get lower risk for herpes.

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Besides that, you also can use the cold compress to help yourself or people around you who suffer from herpes. The patient of herpes might feel itchy in the area of their body, which is infected with the virus, and sometimes it can be so painful for them. The compress using cold ice can help to relief the pain. 

Prepare your ice packs as the cold compress then apply it in the area, so it can help you or the other patients relief the burning sensation. This is one and the simplest natural treatment for herpes that you can try in your home.

If you think that you do not really like the cold, you can use the warm water to help you to get over from the sickness. Use the warm water and also the towel to transfer the warm from the water to the infected area. 

Natural Treatments for Herpes
Besides using the warm and also cold compress, you can use baking soda to treat the herpes, if the sores are oozing. The baking soda can help you to dry the oozing sores. So, you can use this natural treatment for herpes if you thing that it can help you to treat the herpes in the skin.

Those treatments are some lists of natural treatment that is used to treat herpes. Besides those treatments, you also can use seaweed, specific herbs, tea tree oil, and also licorice root to help you in treating your illness. Each of those natural treatments has different function but the same in helping you to treat the herpes. 

So, make sure that you know well every kind of natural treatment for herpes. So, which one do you think will help you to get over from the herpes? That is all the information for you about the treatment for herpes, especially the natural treatment for it.