Some Rare and Strange Diseases in the World

If we hear the word “disease”, we think about something wrong or something abnormal in our body. In other words, disease is related to the condition of abnormality which impairs the functions of every part in the body. 

Of course, it is very dangerous. However, as a human, we cannot be separated from such condition. Disease and people’s life are one condition that cannot be separated even though we can assume that both should be separated. 

It can be said that nobody can stand without facing the disease in his or her everyday’s life. Disease can be divided into two types. The first is the disease that is usually suffered by many people, such as influenza, headache, etc. The second is the disease that is strange and rare to be suffered by many people. The followings are 10 rare and strange diseases in the world


Microcephaly is one of 10 rare and strange diseases in the world. From the structure of the head, this disease can be identified. People who suffer this disease have a head that small and it is smaller than the body, or a head which is bigger than the body. 

Rare and Strange Diseases in the World
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Therefore, it is easy to identify the people who suffer this kind of disease. Actually this disease is known when the baby is inside the womb. The question, then, how can this disease come up? It is because there is something wrong in DNA. 

Hyperactive, no balancing among the anatomy of the body, and having difficulties in speaking are effects that will be face by people who suffer this disease. However, this disease can be categorized as a rare disease. 


From the name of this disease, we can guess the condition of the body faced by people who suffer elephantiasis. Being bitten by the infected and dangerous mosquito is the cause of this disease. When this mosquito bites people, it gives a thing into the blood. We called that thing as microfilariae. 

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Then, it spreads into the blood and lives there. Of course it will build up and restrict the circulation in the bloodstream. People who suffer this Elephantiasis have extra size of arms, breast, and legs. 


We can say that this disease is very dangerous. People who suffer this kind of disease usually will die in the age of thirteen. This disease is caused by the genetic disorder. The babies who suffer this kind of disease look normal when they were born. 

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Then, the signs of progeria show up. The baby that suffers progeria will have problem with the weight of the body. There are some physical conditions such as the voice is loud, the head size is not proportional, the face size is narrow, and the growth of the teeth is slow and abnormal. 

Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressive (FOP)

This disease can change or transform the people into the rock. The bone in human’s bone is connected normally. However, by suffering this disease, the bone will harden the system of organ in the body. 

FOP can be caused by an injury. Then, it triggers this kind of disease. The bone reacts to the injury, and the growth of the bone system cannot be controlled. FOP is a rare and strange disease. It affects approximately 2500 people in the world. 

Kuru Disease

Kuru is one of 10 rare and strange diseases in the world. It is caused by the infectious protein that is found in human’s brain. This disease can cause the change of brain and nervous system. 

Kuru also occurs in cows. People who suffer this disease usually eat the infectious human’s brain. Moreover, it is suffered commonly by women and children. 

Von-Hippel-Lindau (VHL)

This disease can be categorized as the rare and strange disease. The characteristic of this disease is that the tumors grow in some kinds of part of the body. 

Moreover, the tumors also will grow in the nervous system. From the start, the tumor grows in retina and the brain. VHL is very dangerous disease because people who suffer VHL will die suddenly. 

Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis

Many people said that this disease is very frightening. Of course, if we try to compare to other rare and strange disease. This disease is caused by Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). 

This is very dangerous virus because it can become cancer. This disease can be known from the skin. It has warts or twigs. Indonesia has one patient who suffers this kind of disease, and this patient has died.

Fields Disease

It can be said that Field disease is the rarest disease in this world. There are just two people related to this kind of disease: Catherine and Kirstie Fields. Both are twin. Firstly it does have any name. Then, the doctor named it using the name of both patients. 

On the other hand, the doctor also named this disease as neuromuscular disease. This disease can be identified by the muscles in the body. It deteriorates slowly and limits the process of movement. Therefore, Field is a rare and strange disease that can limit the movement of the body.

Vampire Disease

Based on its name, we are frightened. This disease is named by Vampire disease because of the nature of this disease. What is frightened by Vampire? Of course, the answer is sun. as its name, people who suffer this disease will be afraid and will avoid the sun. 

If people who suffer this kind of disease are caught by the sun directly, their skin will blister. Moreover, there are some people who suffer this disease that feel pain when the sun is touching their hand. That is why the disease is named by Vampire.

Werewolf Syndrome 

This disease is called werewolf syndrome because people who suffer this disease look like werewolf. Moreover, people who suffer werewolf will grow the hair in almost the body like the wolf. Werewolf syndrome is caused by the genetic disorder when the baby is born. 

Rare and Strange Diseases

On the other hand, it can be caused by external factors, such the side effect of drugs, having relationship with the cancer, etc. What I have explained before is 10 rare and strange disease in this world. I hope this article is useful for you.