Simple and Chic Tips to Create Geisha Look

Geisha is popular traditional Japanese women image adapted from Chinese'. The traditional Geisha image is a woman wearing foundation from rice powder with small pouty red-painted lip and high and thin eyebrows. Geisha exudes mysterious yet appealing charm. 

Adapting to create Geisha looks into modern makeup technique is to create modest, yet charismatic look complete with colorful kimono and bun hair. If you are interested to adapt Geisha look to your modern make up, these simple steps are easy and give satisfying result.

1. Apply Bintsuke Abura

Bintsuka Abura is a substance made of oil-like material that acts as the adhesive foundation for the white powder to apply. 

If you want to apply the white powder down to the collarbone, use make up brush to apply it to the face, neck, and upper chest. It is better to do the make up in a cool or air-conditioned room to prevent the heat to stimulate sweats. You may as well not to eat oily stuff before applying the makeup.

Simple and Chic Tips to Create Geisha Look

After applying Bintsuke Abura, it's time to 'whiten' the face and in order to create Geisha looks is by applying white foundation. The foundations as well the lightest variant in foundation as to create the rice powder like color. 

Apply it to the face using make up brush, as well as to the neck and upper chest. Leave the nape free and draw V shape since nape is considered the erotic part in Japan. For darker skin, you may as well use tone corrector to lighten the skin before applying white powder.

3. Draw and Paint the Eyes and Eyebrows

To create Geisha looks has more arched eyebrows and red shadow around the eyes. To draw the eyebrow, use charcoal or black eye pencil over the white-covered original eyebrow. Be careful when drawing it, make sure you look up to the model or picture as make up guide. 

After that, add red shadow to the eyes. The red should also tinted a bit on the eyebrows. The amount of redness depend on the maturity. The more mature a Geisha is, the less red is used for thr eyes.

create Geisha looks

Lips of Geisha always drawn to be small but voluptuous ones. To paint the lip, make sure the lips is also covered in white powder. The color of the lips is in brighter shade of red than the one used for the eyes. 

The cherry red color exudes femininity and sensuality. Draw small lips from the center of the lips. Use brush for maximum result. The traditional one is made of safflower extract, but you can use cherry red, or bright red shade to substitute it.

The Geisha look will be perfect with the Japanese women traditional hair style that use decorated chopstick to create bun. 

You can ask your friend to help you get the hairstyle. You can also use hairpin to tighten the style to not get messed up. For the final touch, wear your special kimono and now you are already know to create Geisha looks.