These Simple 10 Face Workouts Will Help You Achieve Slimmer Face

No need to go under the knife or undergo complicated procedures to feel prettier with slimmer face, these following 10 simple Yoga workouts will help to trim the width of your face.

1. Cheek Workout #1

With neutral face, blow air to the upper lip and hold it for 10 seconds. Feel the air and start to transfer it to the left cheek, hold it for 10 seconds as well and do it the same with the right cheek. Do it several times. It will help to trim the chubby sides in both cheeks.

2. Cheek Workout #2

Do 15 cycle of air swishing like workout by inhaling air from the mouth and immediately close it tightly. Feel the air and transfer it to both sides of cheek. This will also help chubby cheeks to get thinner by using simple Yoga workouts.

3. Fish Face

Try to smile while pursuing your lips and hollowed your cheeks by sucking it in. The pose indeed looks like trying to make the face of a fish. Repeat this several times. This exercise will help reduce facial fat and exercise the facial muscles.

4. Chin Lifts

Gaze up by tilting your head up to the ceiling. Make a pouty lip by pulling it together and hold this pose for about 10 seconds. Repeat this cycle after relaxing the lips. Make sure you don't involve any facial muscle other than the lips.

5. Lion Face

The next thing about simple Yoga workouts is by squeezing up your face while your fists are tightly clasped after squeezing your face by inhale the air deeply from the nose, exhale the air from the mouth while also sticking the tongue out and open your fists. Relax and repeat this pose for about three times.

6. Lips Pull

There is an easy way to get younger look by simply lift the lower lip with the help of jaw force and maintain the pose for 10 seconds. Repeat it several times or more than 10 to get the expected result.

Lift your upper lip as far as possible to reach the nose. Hold until 15 seconds. Make sure the lower lips don’t move the same as upper lips. This will help to exercise your facial muscles and get thinner face. Repeat it for about 5 times and you’ll thank to one of the simple Yoga workouts.

8. Surprise Face

Try to open the eyes as wide as possible without making the eyebrows changed. Try to stare at something and hold for 10 seconds. Repeat this 4 times. The reason why the eyebrows should not get wrinkled is because this pose is aimed to get your eyebrows get smoother.

9. Relax Jaw

Imitate the movement of jaw when you are chewing food. Don't open your lips as you do it. After that, inhale deeply and hum while exhaling the air. Now open your mouth and position the lip to reach the lower teeth. Hold this pose for about 5 seconds. Release the move and repeat it 10 times.

10. Marylin

These simple Yoga workouts to get thinner face just by blowing kiss for four times and press the lips against the finger. Repeat this several times.