Amazing Things to Know about Sikunir

There are actually many famous places to visit in Indonesia especially in terms of mountainous area. The reason is because there are hundreds of mountains in Indonesia. One famous mountainous area is Sikunir. This place has been a heaven on higher ground because of its excellence in terms of natural beauty. 

Moreover, this area also offers very dynamic nature that makes people excited even though they have visited this place hundred times. There are some things to know about Sikunir that make Sikunir extremely beautiful. 

Excellent sunrise

This one is actually the main thing why Sikunir is great. Students of photography or anyone who has an interest in photography definitely knows this place when it comes to sunrise spot. In summer, it is possible to capture the golden sunrise that is excellent for its bright yellow exclusive impression. 

This is also the element that makes visitors keep coming because the sunrise will not be the same every time it shows up. People with various creativity levels then can produce various photographs just for single sunrise on the top of Sikunir. This is absolutely what makes Sikunir excellent destination for next holiday.

Amazing Things to Know about Sikunir
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Easy access

Earlier, the sunrise was limited for a few people who brave enough to travel far with difficult steps. However, such experience will not happen again-well at least not as extreme as before. The starting point of the journey to Sikunir begins in Dieng Highland. In this area, there are so many places to stay safely and there are also many useful public infrastructures here. 

To reach Sikunir, it is possible to use local transportation node such as motorcycle taxi. For those who have a private vehicle, it is possible to go directly to Sikunir and park the vehicles on the available parking lot. The distance between Dieng Highland and Sikunir is around 2 km, and typically it takes 1.5 hours to go there.
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The spots

There are some good spots that should be visited in Sikunir, and missing them means miserable thing ever. The spots are based on several hills that are passed during the trip. The first hill is the place where people gather to take a photograph, and it the spot that is always wanted. In this area, it is possible to see the most astonishing sunrise on earth. 

The next spot goes to the next hill in which it the Sindoro Sumbing is straight ahead of this hill. This hill is indicated with the presence of comfy – and crowded – gazebo on the first hill. The last spot is more amazing as it is rated as the highest of all. The view from this point is remarkable. Everything can be seen from the villages, roads, landmarks, and even cloud.
sikunir mountain
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Those are things to know before visiting this beautiful area. There is one thing to note that this place is almost always crowded in weekend and holiday. Therefore, it is advised to prepare things such as transportation mode and staying place ahead of the time. That will save visitors from losing mind once going up there.