Cure Your Sore Throat With These Simple Home Remedies

If you are someone over 25, i’m pretty sure at some point you have experienced waking up on super important day only to find out your voice is hoarse or even gone. Of course it would be embarassing to have a presentation when you can’t speak without sounding like you are stuck in an eternal puberty. 

Sore throat happens when there is an inflammation on your pharynx, or that tube that connects your mouth and oesophagus. As for the cause itself, it can be from a bacterial infections, food senitivity, smoking too much, or even viral infection. 

However it is important to remember that sore throat itself can be a sign of another health issues, so it’d be a good idea to meet your doctor if your sore throat persists for a long time. 

But there are some type of teas that can help you to get your voice back. So today I’m going to share some home remedies in the form of teas that may treat the sore throat you are going to have someday.

1. Cinnamon Tea:

Cinnamon is not only famous for being the fancy tea but it is also very healthy and in this case it can also helps you to treat the sore throat. Cinnnamon tea itself uses a spice that is commonly used for cuisine in a lot of different places. 

It is known to have a nice, soothing aroma that not only helps you relax but acts as a decongestan that will treat the inflammation on your throat. To get the best result you can add various ingredents such as, milk, ginger, and honey.

treat the sore throat
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To serve your tea, start by heating the milk and followed by adding some shredded ginger and honey. If you are lactose intollerant, then you can also use other types of milk. You can drink your tea anytime you want, but iit’d be better if you drink it before you go to sleep.

2. Russian Tea:

As the name suggests it comes from Russia, The land of the Tsars. This tea is made of various hebs and ingredients that possessa healing quality which is very helpful for you to treat the sore throat. Not only that but, Russian tea is known to be able to mitigate some germs that may cause a sore throat. 

You can drink this tea several times a day and you can mix it up by adding things like, sugar, orange powder, ground cloves,and even cinnamon. You just need to mix the ingredients you want, stir it, and then serve it, it’s simple. If you are not feeling the taste, you can even add a lemonade to make the taste stronger.

3. Green Tea

Ah, one the most famous tea from the land of sakura, the green tea. This tea is so popular that you can find this tea in almost every country. This popularity is not for no reason, the green tea is widely known as one of the most healthy tea there is.

Cure Your Sore Throat With These Simple
Not only the taste is great but it is high innutrients and antioxidants that will improve your body immunity toward various health problems. So it is obvious that green tea can also used as a home remedies to treat the sore throat. 

To make a green tea what you need to do is boil some water first and then, pour some of the boiled water into a cup and then dip your green tea sachet into it. Let it soak down for a few minutes, and if you want you can add stuffs like honey or lemon juice. And after a while your green tea is ready to drink.