Here Is What You Should And Shouldn’t Do When You Are Getting Married

Marriage is often viewed as some sort of an endgoal that everyone has to have by the time they hit their eligible age. However, Some say that being married is too bothersome, while other say that marriage is a beautiful ceremony that binds lovers in a beautiful relationship. 

Marriage itself is not without merit because there are many great things that you can only find in a marriage, but one thing is clear. Wedding is a rollercoaster of emotions, there are just so many things that you have to deal both mentally and physically.

This is especially true for brides, because let’s be honest brides are going to plan most of the wedding, while the groom just need to make sure to show up and try to say the right name. And this is why today i’m gonna tell you ladies out there, the do's and don'ts every bride must know.

1. Wedding Is A Small Part Of Marriage

Like i said Wedding is a rollercoaster of emotions. You are going to face a lot of problems, make a lot of decisions, and compromise at alot of things. This is why couples are prone to fighting and conflict as their wedding day getting near. 

The sheer amount of stuffs that you have to deal are going to wear you down physically and mentally which is why it is important that you chill down a bit and think about what lies ahead instead and the happiness you are going to have in your marriage. 

And not to mention, hogging up all the wedding planning to yourself are going to make a very bad impression on your SO, it would probably make him think, ‘is this how my life going to be from now on’.
do's and don'ts every bride must know.
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2. Wedding Is Not Only For Brides

While it is a known fact that the brides get to decide everything for the wedding, but that does not mean you can just ditch the groom out of the planning process. Do ake sure that your significant oter feels like he is part of the wedding, i mean afterall marriage is all about sharing everything whether it’s burden or happiness with your significant other, right? 

Of course, it is your day; but it is his day too so you need to pay attention about the do's and don'ts every bride must know. 

Make sure you make him a part of the planning and ask him how he is doing or what he wants. He sure isn’t expecting you to do that, and believe us, that little gesture will make him the happiest man on this planet.
Getting Married
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3. Keep A Realistic Budget

The thing about wedding that i find rather mind boggling is just how focused couples about making their marriage as big as possible. I mean i get it that you want your special day to be special and memorable, but here is the thing, expensive does not equal memorable. 

Just because you spend tons of money on your wedding does not mean it is absolutely going to be great. Small budget wedding can be memorable too, it is more how you plan the whole thing rather than the budget itself. 

Beside, marriage is not all about wedding, if you have that much money to spend on wedding, i’d suggest you save some of it for the future. So that was the do's and don'ts every bride must know, I sincerely hope those who are getting married will find this helpful.