Great Tourism Destination in Demak

There are so many interesting places in Indonesia that are worth to visit from west to east. In java alone, there are hundreds of famous tourism destinations that are known widely by Indonesian. In Central Java, there is a city known as Demak. Being one regency in Central Java, it holds so many interesting things to show to the world. 

Some of them are represented through tourism destination while some others are handicrafts. Here are some details about tourism destination in Demak to know so that this place can be put on the list to go when next vacation comes.

Morosari Beach

Demak is located near Semarang, the northern part of Java Island. As known widely, Semarang is located just near by the sea, and Demak is also had that feature as well. One beach that still belongs to Demakis government is Morosari Beach. The beach is very easy to reach because it is located 5 km away from the main road. 

Great Tourism Destination in Demak
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The road is now so much better than couple years behind, so accessibility is out of the question now. Upon entering the site, it is possible to see people embarking fish on the roadside as their main job in this shore area. 

Going further to the beach, now visitors will be mesmerized with gleaming white sands and beautiful sun at dusk and dawn. Across the beach, there is mangrove forest with its natural and peaceful impression. This will be double-fun vacation ever, and it is practically cheap enough.

Mangrove forest

One tourism place that is actually still not known by many people is the mangrove forest. Even though it has lived there for years, the access to the forests is just fixed and upgraded to accommodate more and more people coming to this area.
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Some people, indeed, still complain about the accessibility to this forest, but at least it can be a great adventure especially for a vacation. Not only does this site offer a lot of mangrove plants all over the place, but it also displays the truthful view of beaches and sands. They are just nice and peaceful. 


Located around the central city of Demak, there are dozens of artists making batik creation based on natural objects around. Demak batik is identified through starfruit and guava as the pattern, and it is still crafted traditionally. Anyone who is curious can visit one of those house-of-batik to see the creations those great people have made.
Tourism Destination in Demak Indonesia
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Additionally, the owners typically offer visitors making batik on the plain fabric which is further sold to them. It is a great thing to visit this place as those remarkable batiks can be used as a gift and transformed into an outfit. 

Drum craftsmanship

It is worthy to know that Demak is known not only for its beautiful places but also for its religion. The reason is because Demak was the place for the Islamic Kingdom back then. The drum craftsmanship is actually related to the religion because the drum is identical to Muslim because it is a way to call Muslim to pray. This kind of place is flourishing around the Great Mosque of Demak.