How To Get The Perfect Pouf In Just 5 Minutes

Unlike men, in term of hairstyles, women have way way more hairstyles, and it is just women’s natural instinct to always try the newest and the hottest hairstyles. 

As for now, hairstyles with a pouf is the hottest hairstyles now, because just how simplistic yet faboulous it makes you look like, and not to mention how this kind of hairstyles look good in any situations, casual, party, gala, you name it, it’ll look good in any occasions. 

However getting your hair to have that pouf can get alittle bit tricky, but worry not because i will share you some tips to  get the perfect pouf in 5 minutes with simple tools like a hair clips, pins, hair spray and of course a tease comb.

If you are not familiar on how to make a pouf for your hair, here is some basic guide, you can follow the following steps. First, find the crown part of your head and part your hair. Tie the front part and use your tease comb to brisk that part up and down. 

Next, apply some hairspray on that part and let it dry a bit, and this part is going to be the pouf base. After a while, untie it and divide it evenly into two. Then, do exact same thing, and apply your hairspray again.

How To Get The Perfect Pouf In Just 5 Minutes

Now comes the tricky part, carefully unfasten the front half and try to make a brisk.  And lastly, use your tease comb and hair spray to create a round shape on your hair.To make sure that youget the perfect pouf in 5 minutes, here are some tips you can try at by yourself.
1. Straighten Your Hair:

Ok as much as i hate to say this but, if you have a curly hair and you wanna get that perfect pouf, you are better off straightening your hair. I’m not saying that it is an impossible to do, it is just that the whole process is far easier when your hair is straight. 

And when i said straight, i mean really straight, a little wavy does not count, so go get your hair straightened ladies. If you want to buy a straightener make sure you choose the one that suits your hair, because you do not want to damage your hair because you buy a cheap one.

2. Make Your Hair A Bit Oily

So when you are trying to get your hair to have the perfect pouf in 5 minutes, it is recommended that you do not get any hair wash for a while. This is mainly because creating a pouf with hair that is covered in its natural oil is far easier to do.

perfect pouf in 5 minutes

So if you want that fabulous pouf, you better not was your hair for a while. If you can’t manage to skip washing your hair, then you could also try blow-drying your hair, it will help making your hair looks that it has more volume.

3. Learn How to Tease Your Hair:

This is a pretty obvious tip but, it is still the best way to get that perfect hair pouf, so if you want to have that perfect pouf, you better learn how to use the tease comb. 

By teasing your hair, you can have more volume in your hair, though you gotta be careful not to overdo it, because it can damage your hair if you are not doing it right.And that is how you can have the perfect pouf in 5 minutes, i hope it helps.