How to Create Gypsy Look with Makeup Tricks

Hippy gypsy looks is a cool look where you sport bold looks with colorful dresses and antique accessories. Gypsy has been known since 14th century as the most enigmatic ethnic with their nomad habit. Their claimed ability to fortune teller is popular especially among Europeans.

Now that you are in 21th century and find the Gypsy attire to be a cool trend, you can follow these simple makeup tricks for Gypsy look.

1. Get A Foundation Few Shade Darker than Your Skin Tone

Gypsy is known for its exotic, dark skin as the result of their constant travel. Pick foundation that has low shade darker from yours. You don't have to if your skin is already as sun-kissed as the skin of Gypsy woman. 

Apply it with hand or make up brush to the face and don't forget to apply it to the exposed skin like neck or collarbone to make the color looks natural.

2. Smoky Eyes for Perfect Gypsy Look

The dark skin of a gypsy woman is not perfect if not followed with their enchanting dark eyes. To get the dark eyes, make smoky eyes by applying heavy eyeliner around the corner of the eyes. 

This makeup tricks for Gypsy look can be done by using spoon or any hard thing to prevent the eyeliner to smudge while applying it to the eyes. Complete the eyes look with chocolate eye-shadow. Now you have the eyes of gypsy.
makeup tricks for Gypsy look

3. The Prominent Cheekbone for Exotic Face Shape

Another tip for makeup tricks for Gypsy look; Gypsy woman has always known for their strong facial feature like prominent cheekbone. To get the cheekbones of a gypsy, apply highlighter on the cheekbones, the nose, and the brow bone. 

If you have chubby face, apply contouring by applying dark blush on on the jaw line or use bronzer to make a thinner, more prominent face. For the finishing touch, apply pink blush on the cheek to make the face glow.
4. Go to Shocking Bright Red for the Lips

It is very important to highlight the lips for gypsy woman often uses bright shade of red to complement their dark, exotic skin. Bright red also gives off sensual yet mysterious aura. 

Either you have plump or thin lip, apply the lipstick evenly to the upper and lower lip. It is better to use lipstick or lip set but don't choose glowing lip tint for its glossiness may not match with the gypsy look and attire.

Now that you finish your transformation into gypsy, time to complement the style by adding some finishing touch. Use swarovski-like stone in the corner of the eyes. Just add some for glittering look. 

Use gypsy attire as well. Gypsy clothes are usually consists of vibrant and colorful color with warm colors dominate the attire. Style your hair with a headband or curly it a bit. 

If necessary, you can turn your hair few shades darker for gypsy often has honey to black hair color. Make sure to do it before applying the makeup. Now, you are all complete the makeup tricks for Gypsy look, show it to your friend your amazing transformation.