Several Natural Great Places in Purbalingga to Visit

Purbalingga is one of the regions in central java Indonesia hiding so many natural beauty so that people desperately want to visit. Some of these natural sites, however, require more struggle to reach due to difficult access. Even so, it will be very interesting and entertaining journey for visiting those sites. Here is the list of those natural great places in Purbalingga to visit.


This is the first recommended place to visit in Purbalingga because it is blessed with comforting nature. Located in the low mountainous area, Seranggola offers nice weather even though summer is stinging skin in another area in Purbalingga. 

In addition to weather, the place which is often covered by fog is also a great place to make high-quality selfies. It is no wonder that this peaceful village is often visited by youngsters from various areas. Another great thing offered is a possibility to take some crops villagers grow. 

It definitely comes with a price, but it is great as visitors can take the crops home for fresh-veggies soup. For those who want to visit this place, there are some traveling agents who work together with locals. They have a package of roaming assistance to keep visitors informed and happy.

Goa Lawa

Another good place to take pictures for its constant and neat nature is known as Goa Lawa. Goa Lawa is Javanese word referring to a cave of bat, and it is no wonder that visitors will be greeted with massive bat sculpture in the entrance. This place is extremely famous place in Purbalingga despite its location that is quite far from the main city. 
Natural Great Places in Purbalingga to Visit
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In addition, this well-known place is completely reachable by car, motorcycle, or public transportation. Entering the cave, a new visitor will be surprised with many unbelievable kinds of stuff. The guide inside will tell about those things, so there is no need to worry again. After all, this is a great place to visit in Purbalingga.

Kayaking sites

Purbalingga is fortunate with the characteristic of its river. The reason is because its flow, wave, and surface characteristics are suitable for fun kayaking. That actually guarantees that kayaking in Purbalingga will be so fun and less extreme. So many people have tasted the thrill kayaking in some rivers in Purbalingga, and each of them also has different excitement level.

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Those places are Clawing, Tambra, Gintung, and Tungtung Agung. The most famous ones are Clawing and Tambra as those rivers are voluminous. For new comers, learning to play kayak does not hurt at all. There is a school specialized for that purpose in the 10km north from the main city. 

Curug Silawang and Silintang

These names are actually referring to a pair of waterfalls which is located in northern part of Purbalingga. This place is quite close from Goa Lawa, and typically people will suggest going to both places in a day. 
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In this site, it is possible to see nature at its best impression considering today difficulties in finding brilliant clear water. This site, visitors can let themselves hypnotized by nature, and it will be the greatest thing ever in Purbalingga.