Have a Nice Vacation in Padang Indonesia Tourism

All this time, the people out of Padang know Padang as a tasty food producing city. Its appetizing cuisine is unforgettable. Rendang even becomes the most delicious food in this world according to a foreign magazine version. Padang is situated at West Sumatera and as well a capital city of it. Padang is popular with its traditional house, “Rumah Gadang”. What does special with its traditional house? 

“Rumah Gadang” is very unique with its stacks of pointed roof. Rumah Gadang is substantively a traditional house of Minangkabau. Although Padang today has been developed into a metropolitan city, it doesn’t leave an architectural form of “Rumah Gadang”. This is what makes Padang looks awesome. Besides, Padang is a good tourism destination as well. Having a vacation in Padang Indonesia will be joyful by visiting these tourism destinations:

1. Aie Manis Beach

Do you ever hear about Malin Kundang Legend? It is a legend of a cursed rebellious boy; he was cursed into a stone by his mother. This Aie Manis Beach is a quite witness of this legend according to the local believers. 

Nice Vacation in Padang Indonesia Tourism
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Here you will be able to see a stone which is believed as a cursed Malin Kundang. This stone is in kneel in pray position, just like mourned for his fault. Besides this legend story, this beach also offers a comfortable place just to relax with your close persons.
2. Nirwana Beach

A carpet of white sands and series of coconut trees is a relaxing panorama you can deserve when visiting this beach. It is located about 14 km from city, so it will be easy to come in anytime you want. 

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This beach is also large and slope, so it will be a good place to play around with either your friend or family. Nirwana Beach’s waves aren’t harmful and almost quite, so you are able to just get swimming or take a bath in. 

3. Siti Nurbaya Bridge

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Siti Nurbaya Bridge is a best place to hang out and spend the night together with your friends and family. It offers an epic flickering town’s lamps. There are also tens of food and drinking sellers, such as roasted corn, toasted bread, and any other kinds of snacks. In the afternoon you are able to watch a sunset from this bridge. 

4. Tiga Tingkat Waterfall

vacation in Padang Indonesia
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Another tourism destination to have a nice vacation in Padang is Tiga Tingkat Waterfall. This destination is suitable for nature lovers. It is because the track to get into this place is not as easy as a common tracking path. To get into the spot you have to pass through a steep and slippery track. So you have to prepare your energy. But the panorama in Tiga Tingkat Waterfall spot won’t disappoint you.
5. Adityawarman Museum

The last is a historical tour. Adityawarman Museum is the most popular museum in Padang; it consists of many cultural and historical things of Minang. This museum is used for keeping and conserving historical articles from Minangkabau, Mentawai, and also Nusantara. This Museum has been built since 1974. This Museum is a proper place to teach either your children or even yourself about Minangkabau Culture.