The Story Indonesia, The Lost Atlantis

The Lost Atlantis is actually one of the greatest issues which until today still be a thing to be debated. For hundreds years talking about Atlantis, now, there is the hypothesis that Atlantis is in Indonesia. How comes? 

It is caused by there are some facts about Indonesia which are so close with the characteristics of Atlantis in the old literature. However, before we talk more about those facts of Indonesia that indicate this country to be Atlantis, we must be talking about Atlantis itself first. 

Atlantis, the Lost World 

From the past literature, there are many philosophers like Plato, Aristotle and Santos who define this lost world of Atlantis. One thing that we have to know that is Atlantis is known as the greatest country in the past. The civilization of Atlantis is depicted as a greatly developed civilization. 

The knowledge of the people about maritime, culture art, music, or we can say that well-educated people can be found in Atlantis. The great country which is so far from poverty since it has a wealth of people lived there. 

However, after years, the people become greedy and then there is a disaster which makes this Atlantis sink. The great mountain explosions and flood because Atlantis is gone in a night. It is estimated that Atlantis has gone in 11,600 years ago. 
The Story Indonesia
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Indonesia, The Lost Atlantis? 

For hundreds of years as the material of debate, some facts show that Atlantis can be in Indonesia. In this case, there are some facts that you need to know about Indonesia. What are those facts? You can just read the information as follow. 

To begin with, Indonesia has many volcanos. In the past literature, Atlantis is depicted as the country which has many volcanos since the disaster that makes this country is sunk, one of them is caused by mountain explosion. With the line of a volcano in Indonesia, it can make sense if, in the past, those mountains explode. 

Besides, Santos also stated that Atlantis is in Sundaland. In this case, it is in the southern of India and Sri Lanka including Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, and the archipelago of eastern Java. 
Indonesia The Lost Atlantis
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Then, according to him, Atlantis is in the area where it can be good to grow crops and cattle. With the area of Indonesia which is in a tropical area, it is good for people to grow crops and also cattle. That is why Indonesia is the closest part of the world with Atlantis. 

Moreover, if we talk about the characteristics of Atlantis that mastered maritime, of course, in the past, Atlantis must have surrounded by sea so that they will master about maritime. Then, one of the closest country with Atlantis is Indonesia. 

From the explanation above, there are some facts which show that Indonesia is The Lost Atlantis which is known as the place where in the past people lived in peace with wealth and far from poverty. Unfortunately, this Atlantis was suddenly gone in a night caused by such a great disaster there.