Tips to Sleep Early and Soundly for Quality Rest

Sleep is everybody's need. Unfortunately, with the rush of work or insomnia, people get less and less sleep as they get older. Stay up late becomes a habit, but it is a very unhealthy habit and it is recommended to have at least 7 hours of sleep. If you are one of those who find sleeping as a hard task, you may try these following tips to sleep early and has good quality of rest as well.

First, it is better to turn of the lamp to any device with strong light like LCD alarm clock or any other stuff. Trying to sleep in a dark room has greater chance for you to fall asleep easily compared when you turn on the light. The darkness will slowly makes you drowsy and fall into the spell of sleeping. 

If you are not used to dark room and have specific fear for dark room, you can use eye pad instead to cover your eyes. This is one of the best tips to sleep early that has been used for long century by European women before it becomes more common nowadays.

Watch out for food you eat before going to sleep. It is better to not eat after 8 pm and has dinner. If the digestive system is clean, it is easier for the body to rest itself. Digesting food will at least need two hours. Therefore, if you plan to sleep wt 10, eat your dinner at 8 pm. 

Making sure you eat healthy too followed with balanced amount of protein and vitamins from vegetables and fruit. Eat salad alongside the main course whether it is meat, fish or rice. A glass of milk is also recommended since it has been proven to be effective and it’s including in the tips to sleep early.
tips to sleep early
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Watch what your watch before sleep. Fast-pacing and heart pumping movie may make your mind and heart race, causing sleeping to be even a harder task. Action and horror movie can prevent you to get sound sleep and possibly causing nightmare. Therefore, it is best to watch it in the evening around 5-6 pm if you really want to watch the movie. Pay attention to the gadget you use. 

While trying to sleep, make sure you are away from any kind of gadgets. A study revealed that using gadgets release hormone that makes body more alert and prevent the user from getting sleep because of this. Sleeping near electronic gadget can also give you headache.

The last but not the least, use aromatic fragrance or candle that can stimulate sleep. You can use lavender-scented candle since lavender has been proven to be effective stimulant for sleep. Also avoid face packs that contain material that can lift up your mind like face pack with orange or peppermint substance or fragrance. 

You can substitute it with aloe vera or cucumber that has soothing effect to the skin. With these tips to sleep early you can fall asleep fast and has quality rest. The next day, you may wake up feeling refreshed and energized.