Toxic Ingredients Everywhere: Be Careful in Choosing Skincare Products

Nowadays looking for healthy products is difficult enough. Some products including skincare products use dangerous chemical substances which can damage your skin health. Hence, you have to be careful in choosing skincare products. Perhaps you never think that skincare products you use contain harmful substances. 

Now, you must pay attention to the ingredients of each skincare product you want to buy to make sure that the skincare products you choose are safe. Do not be lazy to read the ingredients first in order to avoid you consuming harmful skincare products. There are some toxic ingredients usually found in several skincare products that you have to know. 

The first one is Parabens. It is one of toxic ingredients that can disrupt your endocrine system. As the result, for the women, the possibility of suffering breast cancer will be increasing and for the men, the sperm count will be decreasing. Even though Parabens contained in skincare products is minimal amounts, it is better for you to avoid skincare products containing this ingredient.

toxic ingredients
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The second one is Phthalates. The effect of this substance is as same as Parabens. Phthalates also disrupts your hormone that is connected to other body organs like liver, kidney, lung damage, cancer, and reproductive products defects. Hence, you must be careful since Phthalates can be found in some skincare products.
Then, the third one is mineral oil. Perhaps you think that mineral oil is good for your skin. However, it is one of toxic ingredients which is not very good for your skin since it derives from petroleum. Using skincare products which contain mineral oil for long time can cause skin cancer and acne breakouts. 

This mineral oil can be found in body lotions, makeup removers, baby oil, and butt cream. The fourth one is Triclosan. For your information, Triclosan is kind of pesticide that contains antibacterial substances. It works as both thyroid and hormone disruptor. It is not only harmful for your body, but also for environment.     

Furthermore, the fifth one is Resorcinol. This substance is mostly found in bleaches and other hair products. It is very well-known as skin irritant and common cause of dye allergy. Thus, you have to be aware with the existence of this substance in bleaches and hair products especially for you who want to make your skin whiter and for you who like coloring hair.

Be Careful in Choosing Skincare Products
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Then, the sixth one is Sodium Lauryl Sulphate. It is commonly found in soaps and shampoo. This substance has function to create foam in them. This substance will absorb in the skin and cause your skin and eyes irritated.
Last but not least, the dangerous ingredient which should be avoided is Formaldehyde. This substance can prevent bacterial growth. It is commonly found in many skincare products like body wash, shampoos, conditioners, nail polishes. You must be careful with Formaldehyde in your skincare products since it can damage your immunity system and can cause your skin irritated. 

Above all, many skincare products contain harmful substances which can damage your body health especially skin. What you have to do is be wise and be careful in choosing skincare products in order to avoid you from the negative effects that are caused by those toxic ingredients.