5 Unique Places Made by Nature, Weird News Around The World

Talking about nature and its beauty, it cannot be separated with the great view of some places on this earth. As having been known that you can see many beautiful natural places, starting from mountains up to the beaches and seas. Moreover, among of those places, indeed, we can call it very unique. Thus, if you want to know where those places are, below is the complete explanation of 5 unique places made by nature

1. Caño Cristales, Colombia

Having another name as The Liquid Rainbow and The River of Five Colors, this river is considered as the river from paradise. How comes? It is because of the color of the river that can produce many colors such as yellow, black, red, green and blue. The color of the river itself is caused by the algae that live there. 

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Even though this river is so beautiful, but it is not beautiful enough for the fish. It means that there is no fish which can live in the condition of the river that is full of algae. For the location of Caño Cristales, it is in Serrania de la Macarena Mountains in Colombia.  

2. Fly Geyser Reno, Nevada

The second unique places and it is made of nature is in Nevada called Fly Geyser Reno. It is created in 1916 accidentally when people drill the well for water. However, what we can see now that it becomes such a unique area. 

Unique Places Made by Nature Weird News Around The World
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This place becomes very great for.you because of there are many terraces with various colors. If you are in this geothermal area, you will see that this place os very attractive, not only for human but also for animals living surrounding this place.  

3. Vale Da Lua, Brazil

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Then, for another place which becomes one of the unique places made by nature is Vale da Lua in Brazil. It is a stone basin having the oldest formation of the rocks, the age is about 1.8 billion years old. This place also is called as Valley of the Moon because the erosion of the rocks there is like the look of the moon.
4. Rio Tinto, Spain

This river that is in Spain is one of the unique places in the world, and it is made of nature. Different from the ordinary river we can see, this river has a red color. This red color of the water in Rio Tinto is caused by the level of iron in the water which is so high.

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According to the history in the past, this river is mined for gold, silver and copper. With this unique color, this river is used as a scientific study, here to study the lakes in Jupiter and Mars. 

5. The Colored Earth and Chamarel Falls, Mauritius

Unique Places Made by Nature
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In the southeast coast of Africa that is in the Republic of Mauritius, you can find the unique places made by nature. First, there is the waterfall which the tallest one in this country. Then, the colored sand having various colors such as violet, green, red, and others will the second beautiful place there.