Visit Sangiran, the World Heritage Center

There are so many places recognized as a historical site containing information about the human in past time. Sangiran is one of those important places, and this place - which has been turned into museum - can be visited anyone who wants to know deeper about earlier human being. 

Technically this museum is located in Kalijambe but the Sangiran site covers three different nearby regions namely Gemolong, Plupuh, and Gondangrejo. 

This area can be the next vacation destination place because of its valuable educational information that can be gathered. It is quite obvious, but there are actually some other things that make the Sangiran visitation the world heritage center, is super worthy.

Natural environment

It is one element that is maximized for visitors coming into the valuable heritage center. Upon entering the site, the visitors can feel a peaceful world of Indonesia in Sangiran.

The trees lining up in the edge of the roads are beautifully welcoming every visitor with their fresh gleaming impression. Indeed, the quality of nature in this site can be compared with those from islandic tourism destination in another part of Indonesia. 

Visit Sangiran the World Heritage Center
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Museum Show Room

Visitors are always respected in such area, and one proof that guarantees it happens is sophisticated display inside the museum. There are two - roughly divided - show rooms for seeing the museum’s collection. The first room is dedicated to the evolution of some creatures including human. 

However, the most prominent collection is animals such as hippopotamus, crocodile, turtle, rhino, and many other animals. Visiting this place is one way to see the way they evolved to current shape and size. 

The next room is specialized for human development. Based on skull type, there are some homos displayed such as Homo sapiens, early Homo erectus, and homo Neanderthal European. Of course, there are also some other extinct species that are displayed in this museum to see.
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Other miscellaneous rooms

In addition to rooms filled with skulls, rocks, and other ancient stuff, this museum is actually equipped with modern rooms and technology to display human ancestors in the more attractive way.

One of the room is also designed for researchers to find new discovery because there are obviously unexplored regions hiding precious about the past. 

Another room is definitely great because it is dedicated to the particular event held organized by the museum officials. To check available event, there is nothing to visit but the museum’s website and the museum itself.
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How to reach this place

In order to visit the museum, one needs to focus on one destination at first. This destination is known as Kalijambe, and it is actually fairly easy to reach this place especially from Solo. After reaching Kalijambe, there are two options. 

The first is using motorcycle taxi and the other is walking. The latter is not really recommended since it is not that close from the main road of Kalijambe to the museum. Since this museum is not open 24 hours a day, visitors need to know its exact schedule. Tue-sun, it opens from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., and it closes in other days.