Why Ponytails Hairstyle Are the Best Hairstyle Ever? Here’s the Explanation

Unlike men, there are so many hairstyle that you can choose from, but have you ever thought what is the best hairstyle for women ? For me i think the famous classic ponytail is the best hairstyle there is. 

However I find it quite baffling how the most famous woman hairstyle was actually inspired from the tail of a horse. But despite it is rather weird origin, ponytails are actually not only the most basic one but also the best hairstyle. Dont believe me ? 

Check out any events that have red carpet session, you’d realize that there are so many celebrities who wear ponytails to award event or even gala. Today i’m gonna tell all of you women out there, why ponytails hairstyle are the best hairstyle.

1. Ponytails are simpler than making a sandwich.

I know it may sound like i am exaggerating this whole why ponytails hairstyle are the best hairstyle thing but, i’m not joking when i said ponytails are simpler than making a sandwich. I mean think about it, the only thing you need for poytails is hair ties or scrunchie. 

You dont need a staraightener, you dont need to wave your hair, heck if you want to you dont even need to wash your hair. You only need to brush back your hair and tie it with whatever you have around you, hair ties, elastic bands, or scrunchies, all of them will do just fine.

Ponytails The Best Hairstyle

2. Ponytails do not discriminate

A lot of hairstyles usually require your hair to be straight or curly, or wavy, but the best thing that makes ponytails triumph over those hairstyles is the fact that no matter how your hair is, you can always make it into ponytails. Poytails dont care if your hair is curly, straight, waby, long, short or even if you are a dude. Unless you are bald, you can always make your hair into ponytails. 

3. It Is The Perfect Hairstyle For Work

You know what is the most annoying thing about having a long hair ? When you are doing some serious work but your hair just keep getting all over your face. And having a poytails erase that problem from your life. With ponytails you will never again have to keep fixing your hair while working. 

Not only that but in term of professionality, ponytails are the best hairstyle to have simply because how professional it looks and how simple it is to do, you can even do it in 30 seconds. If you dont believe me, check any movie that features any business woman as a character, you’ll see that most of these characters wear ponytails.

4. It is Highly Flexible

From what i have said before, it may sound like ponytails are a simplistic hairstyle, but it actually is a very flexible hairstyle. There are so many things you can do to make your ponytails to look even better. 

You can make a braid around the ponytails, you can make it into a high ponytails, or you can even whip out your ponytails on your shoulder. And those are the reasons why ponytails hairstyle are the best hairstyle.