9 Unique Animals Found in Asia

Animals, indeed, you may find so many species of animals in this world. Then, certain of them are very unique. Those animals are called as unique since they have an indifferent look from the common animals usually found.

Otherwise, they have been rarely to be found can be the other reason why they are so unique. For you who want to know about these unique animals, there are 9 unique animals which are found in Asia. What are they? Check this one out. 

1. Dhole

For the first animals in Asia that are unique is called as dhole. This is a species of native canid from South up to Southeast Asia. Dhole is one of the animals which is hard to be find because dhole is afraid of human. 

9 Unique Animals Found in Asia
Dhole and Babirusa
2. Babirusa

This animal can be found in Indonesia, especially in Sulawesi Island. It is actually a member of pig family. However, a little bit different with the common pig, this Babirusa has tusks in their mouth. 

3. Tapir

Then, there is an animal that is called tapir. This is an animal from Indonesia. The black and white color of this animals make it so unique. What makes it more unique is that tapir will be only found in Indonesia since it is an endemic species. 

Tapir and Markhor
4. Markhor

There is markhor as another unique animal we can see. The species of the unique animals itself includes in endangered one since no more than 2,500 species left. This animal can be found in Pakistan and northeastern Afghanistan. 

5. Snub-nose monkey

In Asia, there is also snub-nose monkey as one of the unique animals. You will find this species of monkeys in many places in Asia actually. For their habitat, this monkey can live in mountain forests and they will live in a large group consisting of 600 members for the largest. 

Sub Nose Monkey & Southern Red Muntjac
6. Southern red muntjac

After that, in Asia, southern red muntjac becomes the other animals which are so unique. The grayish or brownies hair is the characteristic of this animal. For the food, it can eat fruits, grass, seeds, or even bird's egg. 

7. Sunda Colugo

Sunda colugo or also is called as Sunda flying lemur is one of the unique animals in Asia. This animal can be found in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. As a nocturnal animal, it will be active at night to find the food. Thus, if you want to see this animal, you need to look for it at night where Sunda colugo is finding the food. 
Sunda Colugo and Tufted Deer
8. Tufted deer

Moreover, there is also what we can call it as tufted deer. Living in Central China, this animal is solitary and it is rare if we find tufted deer in a group. What makes it unique, indeed, its tuft of black hair on the forehead. 

9. Raccoon dog

Tanuki or raccoon dog becomes one of the unique animals from East Asia. This animal is very good in climbing so that we will easily to find the animals on the trees since they climb the trees regularly.