17 Advantages of Vaseline You Should Know

Vaseline becomes a multitasking cream. Are you curious with the advantages of Vaseline? If you want to know about this, you can check the information of 17 uses up as in the following explanation.

For Lip Scrub
You just need you mix all of the ingredients having been prepared. Mix sugar and small amount of Vaseline well. Applying your lip scrub on your lips, massage for a while before you wipe it and apply your lip balm. 

For the Cracked Feet
Instead of buying a healing cracked feet product which sometimes is not inexpensive, you can use Vaseline. You just apply the Vaseline on your cracked feet at night. 

For Cuticle Care
One of the advantages of Vaseline is because this product to make your cuticle more beautiful. It is very effective way that you can choose when you have your cuticle becomes dry or cracked. Not only it can help the cuticle get a good moisturizing, having Vaseline at night will help you to get a smoother cuticle and smoother hands too. 

To Prevent Chafing
The next great use for Vaseline is that to prevent chafing. By applying the Vaseline product, it will be very good to prevent chapping and windburns, especially in winter season. When you apply Vaseline on the areas which can get chafing, you can help your skin from a worse irritation or rashes.

17 Advantages of Vaseline You Should Know
To Highlight Skin
Yes, another advantages of Vaseline product is to highlight your skin. All people especially women, indeed, want to have a lighter skin. That is why, you can apply Vaseline to make your skin more glowing. 

To Make the Elbows Softer
To get a softer elbow, you can try this idea. Applying Vaseline on your dry and cracked elbows and you will see how Vaseline can soften your elbows.

To Aid Earring Insertion
Vaseline also can help you to aid earring insertion, so that you can wear your earrings easily. 

To Beautify Your Hair
Next, not only for skin, Vaseline can be applied on your hair as well to make it more beautiful. 

To Open Stuck Drawers
Do you have stuck drawers? If you do, you can open it easily using Vaseline. 

As Eyelash Remover
Vaseline can be used for eyelash remover too. If you want to remove your false eyelash, just apply Vaseline on your false eyelash. 

To Prevent Lipstick Strains
If you don't want to get your bright lipstick on your teeth, what you need is Vaseline. Apply it on your teeth when you use the lipstick. 

To Tame Eyebrows
You have a rough eyebrow? Just use Vaseline to tame your eyebrows.

advantages of Vaseline
Besides, stuck drawers, Vaseline can help you to fix stuck zipper too. 

As A Fire Starter
You don't have a fire starter? You can use your Vaseline, actually. 

To Open Your Nail Polish
To open your nail polish bottle easier, just use you Vaseline product. 

To Make Your Perfume Last Longer
Applying Vaseline on your skin before spray the perfume will make the parfume's smell last longer. You don’t know about one of these advantages of Vaseline, right?

As Eye Makeup Remover
Vaseline is a great eye makeup remover, so apply it to remove your eye makeup.