Beautiful Places in Nusakambangan You Must Visit

Nusakambangan is a small island located in southern Java. It is exactly situated near with Cilacap, regency in the Central of Java Indonesia. Cilacap is known by its beach, as it is situated in the southernmost of Java. And so Nusakambangan is like a part of it but separated by distance of sea. You should take a boat to get into the island. Nusakambangan is previously known as a place where evil doers are under arrested. 

They are commonly a hard crime doer who should be isolated from the outside world. However, today as Indonesia is growing to be one of the best destination countries to spend the vacation days, there are some alterations in this island. You could find several beautiful places in Nusakambangan and you have to visit it. 

Permisan Beach

This beach is situated at the end of Nusakambangan Island; it almost faces directly with Indian Ocean. Permisan beach is still included as one of fresh beaches in Nusakambangan as it is seldom visited by tourist. 

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This beach is commonly visited by a prisoner’s relatives or family. This thing makes Permisan Beach looks so natural; its panorama and ambience could bring you into the soul of calm and quiet. This beach is commonly also used by Kopasus (Indonesian Special Troops) to exercise and practise their ability. 
Karang Pandan Beach

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Walking to the eastern side of Nusakambangan, you will find another fresh beach. As well as Permisan Beach, Karang Pandan Beach is also rarely visited by the tourist except the prisoner’s family or relative. Here you will be able to enjoy your day with either your friend or family, just feel like it is your own beach. 

Pasir Cave and Ratu Cave

Both are in different area. Pasir cave is closer to Sodong port. Depth of this cave is about tens meters. It looks like a scary place with creeping plants. But it is a fact, according to local believers that this cave is sacred, you are forbidden to take any picture. If it is done, there could be something else in a photo. 

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Okay, let’s leave the scary story or myth about Pasir Cave, the second cave is Ratu Cave. This cave offers you a stunning natural design of stalactites and stalagmites. You are able to come into the cave for about 50 meters, unless you have brought oxygen tube. Its depth is estimated about 4 km. If you want to challenge your adrenaline here you go, try to explore this cave.
Souvenir Market 

Want to buy some gift? Here you will find many lovely handicrafts made by the prisoner. They make various kinds of handy craft, such as souvenir, accessories, and also agate rings. A kind of agate which you could get in this Island is Tumpang or Turtle Stone. Those handicrafts are sold in range 10.000,00 till 150.000,00 rupiahs. 

Till nowadays Nusakambangan still becomes criminal prison, indeed. However, its natural and beautiful panorama isn’t being put aside. Besides both beautiful beaches, there are also Cimiring beach that offers a view of historical building of Portuguese Fortress. Nusakambangan keeps several unpredictable places to visit, that’s why Nusakambangan is also known as a hidden paradise.