Bromo Mountain with Its Beauty

There are so many good places to visit in Indonesia, and one of them is Bromo Mountain. Located in east java, it stores an abundance of natural beauty and the impression that will make your Holliday more interesting and challenging. This one is definitely designated for those who love a journey to the top, and there are interesting things that can be found in the beauty of Bromo Mountain.

The sand

One thing that makes Bromo Mountain different is the fact that people can enjoy the beauty of desert-like impression in this tropical island. Visiting Bromo is almost similar to visit a country with wide desert covering the surface. Even so, the visitors will not feel the heat because the weather in this mountain is so cool. 

bromo mountain
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The jacket is necessary in this place. Otherwise, freezing is the inevitable thing to happen which is not really nice. There are several ways to explore this desert, and walking is one of them. Using horse is another great option because it is really convenient and fun. Additionally, using fuel-based vehicle is also a viable option. 

The natural beauty

In addition to simply sand enchanting the ground, there are also nice elements on each side of the road. On the way to the mountain, you will find fresh trees lining so neatly. The wild environment should not make you fear because they are actually friendly enough with some locals walking around the mountain to work. 

On the top, everything becomes more entertaining. If you come at the right moment, it is possible to see the beautiful sunrise that only occurs a few minutes before it is completely invisible. This one is definitely a great time to take this precious movement, but it is also important to come early because you are not the only who hunts such beauty phenomenon.

Easy access to Bromo

A good place should have good access to visit. Fortunately, it is not quite difficult to reach this mountainous area. It is even possible to use public transportation from any big cities nearby. This is actually a good news for any person including foreign tourists because they can go find their own way to reach this place. 

From the international airport, there are even some people offering touring service directly to Bromo which makes things easier. Another way is using the bus from Surabaya to reach Probolinggo. After that, continue to Bromo using small bus dedicated exclusively for going there. 

Tips to Conquer the Beauty of Bromo

Even though Bromo is beautiful, it does not mean any person can just go directly to visit this mountain. There should be several things to prepare such as warm outfit. Additionally, it is also important to consider the time for travel, especially in holiday because it will be so crowded. Being late is not an option because the beauty will disappear in seconds. 

Additionally, it is important to note that bringing a decent amount of money is essential because some services that include renting stuff are quite expensive. With those kept in mind, it is possible to enjoy the holiday in this beautiful mountain.