8 Cruel Tradition Around the World

In this world, there are many traditions since there are thousands of ethnics that exist. From the various traditions, you may find that certain traditions are so cruel because it is what we can call it sadistic. For you who want to know more about the cruel tradition around the world, you can just read the explanation as in the following paragraphs. 

1. Maasai Ethnic, Tanzania

To begin with, you can find such a tradition which is cruel in Maasai ethnic, Tanzania. For those who are considered as adult men, they must be circumcised. However, before it is done, those men have to drink milk having been mixed with cow's blood. 

2. Ethnic in Amazon River

Amazon River is the place for many ethnics, and indeed, there are many traditions as well. One of the tradition there is called as satere mawe. In this tradition, for those who are adult men, they must do this. In this case, those men must wear a plaited glove which is full of bullet ants.
3. Sambians Ethnic in Papua New Guinea

Another ethnic having this cruel tradition is Sambians ethnic in Papua New Guinea. Not only the boys have to drink the sperm of their elderly people, their nose also will be punctured with a grass until the blood shed from their nose. Then, they also have to be beaten by many men, so that they will be called as adult men. 
Cruel Tradition Around the World
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4. Mardudjara, Australia

Then, the tradition that is very cruel done by Aboriginal ethnic in Australia. The native ethnic of this continent actually has such a unique tradition for those men. To be an adult man, those who have been 16 years old have to do the circumcision. What makes it so cruel is that it is done by the elder of the ethnic without the drug. After that, the skin of the penis has to be eaten by those men. 

5. Cut the finger, Papua, Indonesia

In Papua, Indonesia, there is an ethnic called Dani ethnic. This ethnic has such a cruel tradition as well. In this ethnic, to show their sadness or condolences after one of the members of the family dead, they must cut their finger since the finger is the symbol of family. 

6. Circumcision for women in Sabiny ethnic, Uganda

In Uganda, there is a cruel tradition too. If in the previous tradition is mostly for men, in Uganda that is in Sabiny ethnic, this tradition is for women. In this ethnic, women also have to do circumcision without any drugs.  
7. Tiv ethnic, Nigeria

Then, Tiv ethnic in Nigeria also has one tradition that is so cruel to women. In this ethnic, you will find that the women who have got menstruation, they have to do this tradition. In this case, their belly should have a long wound.  

8. Matis ethnic, Brasil

In Brasil, there is Matis ethnic having a cruel tradition. Here, the men who want to be adult men, they must go hunting in the forest alone. Before it, they have to be whipped, beaten, dropped and injected with poison.