Cukang Taneuh Ciamis, Remarkable Canyon in Indonesia

There are millions of nice and beautiful places in Indonesia worth to visit. However, only some of them are well-published. One great place to visit when you are getting depressed because of work is Cukang Taneuh in Ciamis. This place really can make your mind peaceful and happy at the same time because of its true beauty. 

Cukang Taneuh, as this name is known, has very little relation to what it actually can offer. The reason is because it simply means a bridge connecting lands so that the local farmers should not have to travel through deep valley beneath. 

What is great about this place is, however, the valley itself. Cukang Taneuh is known as Green Canyon because of its beautiful valley. This Green Canyon is almost similar to what we know as Grand Canyon in America in terms of geographical impression. However, there are so many different things that make the Indonesian’s canyon more special. 

Cukang Taneuh Ciamis Remarkable Canyon in Indonesia
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First of all, this canyon is extremely cheerful. The green in its name actually refers to the beauty of canyon with fresh green trees in surrounding the site. Additionally, the turquoise green water running through this canyon is also very comforting. This one is just like those found in island area, but it is somehow greener. 

This beautiful place absolutely attracts many people in Indonesia. However, this information actually has been leaked to international community. 

That is to say, there are also some foreigners who visit this place to enjoy the naturally beautiful scenery while enjoying the adventure here. The location of this adorable canyon is perfectly reachable without complicated process since it is in one of greatest province in Indonesia: West Java.

Depending from the way you start, there are different routes to reach this canyon. If you go from the east i.e. Jakarta and Bandung, you need to take a ride to Pangandaran. This canyon is located nearby this place. 
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Therefore, it is highly recommended to just concern on reaching Pangandaran whatsoever. The second route from the west requires more effort because you need to go to central java province at first. From this province, the journey can be continued directly to Pangandaran. Again, the main destination at first is Pangandaran because it has been designed as tourism spot so much earlier.

In pangandaran, visitors can have good services such as staying place, money drawing service, and other facilities. This one is quite useful to prepare the journey in Green Canyon. For those who use their own vehicle, it is still recommended to stay around Pangandaran especially those who come from different province because it will take quite long time to make a journey in Green Canyon Cukang Taneuh. 
Green Canyon Indonesia
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Upon entering the site, there are actually two options to enjoy it. First, it is possible to make the journey by walking out the way, and the other is using boat. The boat ticket is definitely more fun because it does not require you to explore the area roughly. Consequently, you need to pay around 10 grand for using that service.