3 Historical Places for Worshiping in Semarang

Indonesia is a very diverse country which is recognized by its people and their religion. Even though Muslim is dominating religion in this country, the other religions are not only recognized but also flourished. 

Religions coming into Indonesia are brought by people from various parts of the world. After accepting particular religions, the group started to build worshiping place which is now considered as a historical building. There are hundreds of famous places of worship in Indonesia from west to east. 

However, it is better to take a look at worshipping place in Semarang because of it is accessibility which is considered easy particularly for foreigners. Here are the 3 historical places for worshiping in Semarang.

The first historical place is known as Gereja Blendhuk. Literally, it means rounded church which is actually very suitable with its physical appearance. The architecture of this church is somehow similar to those found in Rome with its amazing main dome made of the chopper. This church looks so classic from outside, but inside it is quite modern.

Historical Places for Worshiping in Semarang
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The futuristic embellishment is obviously added in recent years, and it makes the church even more beautiful. Located in Letjend. Suprapto Street, it is possible to reach this mosque easily. Even though it was built in 1753 and is considered old, this church is still operated just like earlier time. Visiting this place is absolutely great for eyes and heart, really.
The next place to visit is designed for other religion accepted in Indonesia. The mosque known as the Great Mosque of Central Java is located in Gajah Raya Street in Semarang. This mosque also has a nice architecture which is based on three different cultures i.e. Javanese, Greece, and Arabic. 

The combination results in a very dramatic effect on the first impression to anyone who sees this religious site for the first time with his/her own eyes. 

What makes things more interesting is the fact that this worshiping place is also quite sophisticated. One main attraction is the presence of a set of seven huge umbrellas installed in an open area so that worshippers will not catch the rain.

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Moving to another religious site, there is a temple known as Klenteng Sam Po Kong. The name does not seem like a word for alphabetic users, but it is actually super meaningful. There are some meanings that Indonesian believes regarding this Sam Po Kong. 

The first, it is translated into three protectors who came in this region. Another one is basically an addressing term for Chinese admiral who came into this region.
After all, this temple was built for respecting those important people in the past. Just like other antique worshiping place, this temple is still fully operational. It means, anyone also can pray in the temple while enjoying the vacation.

All of those three worshiping places are great places to visit. Those places are also open for any religion which is definitely good for those who want to visit religious sites continuously in Semarang. Since they are not truly a tourism destination, those worshipping places do not cost a penny to visit.