People with Super-Human Ability

Some people are actually blessed with nature to have ability that surpass normal human. Indeed, they are somehow scary, but they are actually great people who have great ability. Here is the list of those people, and please remember that this list is small because there are actually hundreds or even thousands of people blessed with this ability unpublished. Here are those people with Super-Human ability.

The first people in the list are still considered normal by far because we know Cesar Milan who can tame wildest dog ever. However, this man is beyond our imagination because is lion whisperer. Indeed, he can make friend with lions and even make them following his commands, and it actually always works – unlike those accidents reported from circus performances. 

In addition to lions, he actually also can speak the words to other wild animals such as cheetahs and tigers. It obviously makes him on the list of human with super ability.

The next person having unique ability is Liew Thow. After some question and answer sessions with journalists, he mentioned that he never had any relation with Magneto. However, it does not seem like that because he has ability to attract metal to his body with ease. 

People with Super-Human Ability
The stuffs that can stick to his body are also remarkable because they are quite heavy. Hammers and axes are the examples. Even though they are heavy, the magnetic force from this super human still can make them stay still without moving a bit.

Another ability that is quite remarkable and surely demanded by a lot of people is calculating skill. Even though we have studied math for dozens of years, there seems no one that can surpass the ability of David Tammet. 

This guy surely will get a mark in each math task because of his ability in solving mathematical questions without using any paper. That is true; this guy will just sit tight in his chair and revealing the answer using his head only. Personally, this one is awesome, more-normal, and useful than other abilities listed here.

Another great man in this world is able to eat any stuff this world can provide. Tires, computers, metals, and other stuffs can be eaten without great difficulties expressed in his face. This is quite weird because there have been some reports saying that people who ate indigestible stuffs can die because of internal bleeding and destruction. 

However, it does not seem to happen to Michel Lotito, a guy from France, who is known for its unbelievable meals. This ability is suburb, and it is highly advised to not try anything like that.

The last human on the list actually does not seem born on earth. It is due to the fact that he has tremendous reflecting that people only can think from movie. 

He actually can intercept everything that comes into his surrounding because of his extraordinary sense. If you want to know better about this guy, his video in cutting super-fast stuffs can be seen widely. It is absolutely surprising and useful especially for self-protection.